StrangeLands - Week 1 - Fortification

Kicking off the new season, we have the opening event: Fortification!

News & Questions


  • Being the starting week, you may expect there to be a discount dragon:
Gilas, the StrangeLands Discount Dragon


  • You may additionally expect there to be a Key Exchange Branch for the conversion of leftover or insufficient keys into prizes.


  • What is your favorite real-world season and why (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall)?
  • Do you ever have flashbacks and feel strange for how you behaved then compared to your current self?

Edited to add Question 3 (five responses in already), the most important question in my opinion:

  • Which level are you going to this event?

First in… aiming for 560 :blush:

Fall is my favorite season because of :fallen_leaf:


1- :maple_leaf:Fall :maple_leaf:
Moderate temperatures allow for you to wear a long-sleeved shirt and shorts and be comfy. Sweaters!! Most importantly, HALLOWEEN! The feeling of being cozy. Cuddle season. Reading a good book when it rains and it’s slightly too cold to want to be out in it. PSLs return to Starbys for all the basic b’s. :rofl: Cool, crisp air! The sound of leaves crackling as you walk on them! The changing colors look picturesque! Also-- scary movies are just somehow better in fall when it gets dark early! :smiling_imp:

2-Yes-- oh god yes! Sometimes I cringe when I think back to things I’ve done and wonder, “why, just why!” Haha Or, some now-learned maturity would’ve made certain situations much easier.



I’ll finally be over 600 yay!

Winter is where it’s at. Gimme that snow and frigid temps


Spring & Fall are my favourites for the transitions in colours. Perfect time for some nostalgia & creative writing.

I was SUPER moody then (to the extreme level). Now, I’m just moody. It’s in a way a bit manageable now compared to how I would behave before. Writing helped me a LOT! :relieved:


I guess Fall but I also hate having to rake leaves. Winter I like but I hate driving and shoveling snow and it does get depressing by mid January. I hate summer most of all because of the heat and humidity. Spring here mostly just flip flops back into winter and it drives my sinuses into a murderous frenzy to the point that I want to claw my snotty, red and raw face off.

Literally every single day. I wish I could just banish those memories from my mind. I’ll be sitting there and suddenly some random, stupid moment pops into my head and it’s like being forced to watch a cringy tv episode that you cant escape and I just want to yell “WTF is wrong with you” at the tv.
Im very socially awkward and have ADD so Im a walking facepalm. Looking back and just saying “why, WHY, WHYYYYY” is part of my every day life.

Upgrading new tower levels this event. Beyond that Im not sure what I want to do but Im thinking of putting myself into a big xp hole by transforming a lighting into a flak to save on embers.


:maple_leaf: Fall! The beautiful leaves changing color, the sweater weather, and so much more makes fall my favorite. Not to mention my favorite holiday, Halloween.

For sure! I have some cringe-worthy moments I’d like to erase from my brain.

I haven’t planned it out so it will be a surprise. Something higher than 607 though, lol.


Snow is so pretty…when I can stay inside and admire it from the comfort of my home. :snowflake:


You could look outside at any time of the year, and–if not for the temperature–you would never know what season it is - aside from maybe Summer (because it’s usually very dry so all the grass goes brown). But other than that everything looks the same year round.

But my favourite season is definitely Winter, because that is the one season where I can rely on the temperature not hitting 30°C (86°F) on a regular basis, or even getting remotely close to 40°C (104°F) which it often reaches in Summer. At those temperatures, dipping into a pool to cool off is more like dipping into a bath… and the electricity bill gets pretty costly very fast.

Especially since our Winters are usually between 11°C (51.8°) - 21°C (69.8°)!

Oh yep. Definitely yep. I cringe at my past self all the time. The amount of times I wish I could go back and change… yikes.

Up to 495ish, so I can hatch verdant next breed!

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For me I like fall and spring in utah for me because it’s cool and not hot during the months of the seasons during the years and in the summers hot and sunny and rainy and in winter snowy cold and lots of snow and weather in Utah and for me for lvl 544 to lvl 550 or below lvl 550 it will depend on what resources I can get from the 4 season keys from this summer season over towards the strangelands fall season in the new season for the mythic dragons and the half price branches and other branches towards the mythic wind invoker steel wing or the mythic dark warrior dragon for 20 keys in the fall season this season

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Will be a crappy event for me if they don’t give any way to level orreries. Last season had the line on the first fort event but no mention of it this time, and no mention of merging then either :confused:


Too few choices :expressionless:
My favorite is Durian season. Do I need to say why? :yum:


monsoon :smiling_imp:



Ahh Durian. I could only consume the candies made of it. :green_heart:


Curse the smell, you guys lick it?

My fav season is winter,

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Only until the first bite :smirk:
The creamy taste deserves the title King of fruits.


Also the king of food fights.
Far end of ripe Durian for the chemical warfare, Ripe Durian for the hard spikes.


I guess Orrey can be merged/trasformed, after 2 season it’s time…

Fall is my fav and among for lvl 400 :smirk:

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Winter, lots of holidays and festivities!! But I also like spring, a cool feeling it isn’t to hot or cold, + my birthday!!


Im currently a level 235 I hope to get to level 250 or 255