StrangeLands - Week 10 - Temple Raid


Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to MiinaNiina of the Creators Faction.


  • This will be the final event to claim the prizes in Ramnaught’s branch at their 20% increased values. Prize values should be reverted after this week.


  • What is your favorite pastime? (What do you enjoy doing for fun?)
  • Have you ever had any experience with physiological or psychological disorders/conditions (personal or around others with them)?

My answers:

  • My favorite pastime would have to be a toss-up between animal research, studying words, and writing stories. I have nerdy hobbies that would strike most as boring and mundane.
  • I, as it may be known by few, have Asperger’s. I have disclosed that through various forum threads. I also have ADHD as a comorbidity. I do not know for certain, but I show numerous symptoms for anxiety and depression, minus the suicidal thoughts. Anxiety would be sensible to a fault, because my mom has it. My sister also has ADHD, and my other sister has autism. (She has the lesser form; what I have is Asperger’s, also known as “High-Functioning Autism”, which is a milder form of the standard form of autism. I am uncertain of what my dad may or may not have, but I know that me, my mom, and both of my younger sisters have things going on with ourselves.

Asberger’s high functioning but less major side of Autism. Normally would be silent in front of certain people but if they say anything I normally have the urges to say something back.


Pastimes: being out in the woods or playing video games with my daughter.

I work in the mental health field. Have a degree in psychology and working on my masters in clinical counseling. I have suffered from anxiety and ptsd in my personal life. With help I have been able to manage it.



I asked my mum and apparently I have autism how come I never knew this until now


We used to enjoy going on cruises. But well……so now we just go to the beach and stay in a condo. Not quite the same, but what can you do.



Reading mostly fanfiction. :see_no_evil: I stay away from the crazy stories but there are still some really good authors circulating through the site. Now I love reading Chinese light novels(translated) but a lot of them have misogyny that is overbearing to read.

Lots, my mother is bipolar with high anxiety, older brother is severe bipolar(I guess that’s the best way of saying it) along with a myriad of other issues, unfortunately he refuses to get help or treatment because of paranoia. Younger brother has adhd or add not sure which and dislexia. I have anxiety but it’s very manageable.


I guess it’s not surprising that if there is one parent that has some form of mental health issues that their children will also have some though I definitely don’t know the actual science behind this.

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I like designing stuff: posters, logos, gift cards etc. I like everything Disney related (Star Wars, marvel, Pixar etc) superheroes (DC and Marvel) and I love creating stories and illustrating comics!

I have anger issues, I’m already going to counseling


Haha, well since we’re just coming off of Halloween, one of my favorite pastimes is reading or watching horror, especially in the fall. I’m a huge horror buff.

I also enjoy biking/hiking with my dog.


Probably pokemon. Shiny hunting is quite relaxing for me or playing competitively when I need to fill that urge. Or just listening to music. All types



I have many. Computer games and programming is at the top, but I do lots of crafts and stuff too.

I have to admit I’m confused with this one. If you are meaning any physical conditions/disabilities and any mental conditions, then hasn’t everyone at some point? (Or do you not consider helping those with clear limited mobility at stores to get motorized carts or open doors for those in wheelchairs where there is no automatic door opener?)

Otherwise yes. Pretty well known I am physically disabled. I haven’t been exactly silent about it on here.


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Does temple raid not include a hunt phase ?
Seems on topic :man_shrugging:

You were the one complaining about it

Asking about the hunt phase adjustments for this temple event is not complaining ……
I can complain there’s a huge difference :man_shrugging:
Just wondering if they were or were not going to make adjustments.
Not everything’s a complaint :+1:

Hunt phase is not just independent of the event itself. If it wasn’t announced that it was changing, it wasn’t changing. If anyone thought it would, well…


I love running and cycling and competing at ultra distance events.

Very brave of you to disclose your super powers in a public forum so kudos for that! I’m sure it gives others confidence to speak up and discuss complex topics.

I’m always amazed at how humans can adapt and thrive even when they are faced with extreme adversity.

I volunteer for the red cross and one thing I do is to call elderly people to make sure they are ok. Often they don’t have family to call them and if they have a trip or a fall they can’t get to a phone for help.

Anyway one chap I called had a split personality disorder. Some days he would be super friendly and polite to me and on other days be would swear at me non stop or go off the charts sexually explicit about his past wives.

There were a few times I thought about letting someone else call him because be was such a handful but in the back of my mind I thought it’s not his fault.

I never really knew who would answer the phone and how the conversation would go. Most of my calls are very mundane :smiley:

Bless the old fella he passed a few years ago


That’s a beautiful perspective danger ……
I think you might not be human :sunglasses:
That’s because you outgrew it :facepunch:
Blessed be!

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Love the graphics! Wrong Temple Raid I’m afraid… however, no less popular screen scroller [lacks dragons - is how you tell the difference]. Any who since you guys in Forums are such a true resource of viable information (dare we say due diligence) can anyone tell me when doing Quest “Get 25 Flames from Attacks” using one dragon Farming in Atlas should be five runs, right? So why does it typically take 10 to sometimes 20? Appreciate you all! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Simple, lag.