StrangeLands - Week 12 - Crystal Caves


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  • Credit for this poster goes to MiinaNiina of the Creators Faction.


  • Super Sigil Chests should appear for the first week.


  • Have you ever witnessed or experienced discrimination? (This can take the form of racism, homophobia/transphobia/biphobia, ableism, etc.) Did you have a reaction? If so, what was the reaction?
  • Do you believe that astrology is a reliable concept to follow? Why do feel that it is precise or imprecise?

I’ve always been heavy set so I got made fun of constantly growing up for that and have heard some very cruel things since I was a kid. I also identify as Bi and have heard some pretty hateful things from both straight and L&G people about it, claiming bisexuality doesn’t exist or that it’s an excuse by former family members.
Usually my reaction is to ignore them, though there were a few times I blew up on my former uncles (both hardcore conservatives) and walked out of family gatherings before it got physical. Eventually I just got sick of it and cut them out of my life (though primarily for other things that I wont go into here)
I’ve learned that life is far too short to stay around and put up with ignorant, toxic people who are just looking to spread their hate and ignorance.

I still do have a temper about that kind of stuff (which is why that BS hateful religious topic p*ssed me off so much)

Nope, not in the slightest. If people want to put faith in it then they’re free to but I don’t want to hear them trying to use it as an excuse and I don’t want to hear about it. Like “oh, Im a Pisces, that’s just how we are”. No, you’re just an a-hole, don’t try to use the placement of cosmic bodies as an excuse like it’s a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Currently planning to spend 225k rubies on sigil chests. Hopefully this time I can get the 5k drop. I missed it both weeks last season and was in a really crappy spot. Im not planning to push as hard in this event as I normally do, Im rather burnt out from this season and don’t plan to be setting alarms to wake up to do multis like usual.

Hopefully the trading post has some better deals spread throughout the week than the week 8 one did. It would be really nice to see something different, like a unique mythic glyph for something other than a hunter. Like how about a mythic Warrior and/or Sorcerer Rage glyph.


Never aimed at myself really, which probably tells you a fair bit about my skin colour, gender, and sexual orientation.

I feel it’s beyond preposterous to give it any attention whatsoever. The idea that someone’s birth month and such would have any significant bearing on the future is pretty absurd, and the idea that stars would affect any individual any different than the rest of the planet only displays a deep ignorance of the scale of the universe. It is at best useless and at worst a manipulative con.


Is this included?


I do… but not for everyone. And I don’t think it’s an exact science; I think it’s more a common mysticism. If you examine the pulls of the moon-- on tides for example-- I could buy planetary alignment yielding commonalities between all
persons born in certain parts of the yearly cycle. But, you’d also need to have a healthy spiritualist acceptance where there isn’t a “rule book,” as in, say-- religion. I think there is a bit of nature versus nurture that plays in-- but generally speaking, I think my astrological sign is 98% accurate in describing my personality and being. And, I’ve found similar consistencies in others. But, I also think it takes some mental buy-in; power of suggestion, etc. And, not everyone’s minds are programmed to read people in the way that astrology works. People, here, for example, are so flipping literal, but it’s not supposed to be a literal thing-- more or less an overview to aid understanding. I tend to think people follow what works for them. If a big man in the sky serves as comfort for not feeling alone then they flock to Christianity. If karmic cycles seem logical for a healthy lifestyle, someone may elect to believe in Buddhism. If a person wants to feel connected to the world and people and feel they’re understood from common personality traits blessed from the universe, astrology works for them.

When will ss chest become available?

It literally says in the OP :man_facepalming:t2:

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I understand it’s this week lol what I’m asking is do they drop tonight or when the next event drops….

Nvrm right now is dungeons forget my dumb question

I should have made “4 Classes Black Belt” :martial_arts_uniform: :see_no_evil:


Woohoo! :heart:

Yes. It really sucks to be “disabled” but not look like it most times. Hence I started getting my prosthetic without the “pretty” covering. Those looks of “what is that young person doing taking a handicap spot” usually disappear when they look down and can see the prosthetic post. Before that, I actually had a lady yell at me for parking there AND taking a riding cart into the store. (I was returning it since someone else just left it in the parking lot in the sun and I was trying to be nice.)

Yet another time, I was in Wally World looking at groceries with shorts on. Two ladies come by, one in the moving cart both youngish, and I overhead the walking one turn to the other. Pointing at me “See, she doesn’t even have two real legs and she is walking, why can’t you?”

Won’t even go into the non-physical disabilities, which affect me and several I know. Those don’t make you “look” disabled, so the comments get worse.

Haha, yeah…about that. I was actually looking for an astrology book 21 years ago and it wasn’t in my favorite bookstore. A guy was helping me look at other books instead. (I was into the whole thing back then.) Needless to say, he helped me out to my car and then asked me out. We have now been married for 19 years. So…yes but not in the way some believe of it. I don’t even have that book he ordered for me anymore.


Your minor interest in a subject lead you to an interest of a lifetime.


Yes, I did. It was based on the origins of a person. Yes, I had a reaction. Told the person who was discriminating that pigs can’t tell the difference between a rock and a diamond. But they do like to bathe in mud ! I am sure he didn’t get the idea, not even today.

Reliable, no ! But for some it’s fun to read. Astrology is like this - It fits your needs, it’s great ! It doesn’t , it sucks ! Is there any truth behind it ? Maybe. It might have some “science” behind, but… it’s hard to prove it without a doubt. Yes, it has its roots some 2000 years ago, but … who says that isn’t all in fact only observations of the human behaviour that made some open minded people, who wanted to explain everything, to connect characters and behaviours with planets ?

Define astrology

Not that I can remember

If you count discrimination based on gender and the equal pay for equal work … then yes.
Not much can be done about it really from an individual point of view, other than change job and see if it is more equal elsewhere. The society as a whole has to change.

Astrology has it’s merits. Looking over the characteristics for a starsign it does tend to fit pretty well. But always take it with a grain or two of salt. :wink:


Yes, more times then I can count. It’s not addressed or even considered because of the direction. When a child is physically assaulted because of her skin color (my child) and it is ignored because it doesn’t fit the standard narrative, it is infuriating

It serves its purpose for those who use it. If it makes people feel good and it doesn’t hurt anyone, then have at it. I do feel it is imprecise. As someone who deals with mental health and behavior, there is way more that ties into a persons personality, behaviors, and decision making then just the day they were born.


My understanding is that everyone discriminates, whether consciously or unconsciously.

I try not to consciously discriminate but I know that I do unconsciously discriminate.

The important thing for me is to recognise when I have unconsciously discriminated against someone, and try to understand why I have done that in order to be aware of my unconscious discriminations. That way, I can attempt to counter these moving forward.

It will be a lifetime journey.

Astrology is much like any other belief. It it makes those who believe it feel better, and it doesn’t interfere with me in any way, shape, or form then live and let live.


I think you mean person bias which isn’t exactly the same thing as discrimination. Yes everyone does have a subconscious bias but they generally don’t purposely hurt the person they aren’t biased to.

Discrimination is the purposeful action of targeting someone to harm them in some capacity.

Bias is where you favor one person over another and are more likely to give them preferential treatment even if it’s simply saying their name first when giving the same award to both people. This action in most cases doesn’t hurt the person you aren’t biased to but it definitely can for major things like promotion. And I say most cases because most people won’t notice the bias for small things like the above mentioned about saying a name first.

The best thing about bias is that you can control it so that it doesn’t hurt anyone(as long as you know it’s there). Discrimination on the other hand will always hurt those that are targeted by it.

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Day 1 of the trading post is pretty lame. I was hoping Reggi would come out of the gates coming for our sigils


Im glad he isn’t I’m still waiting on sequence😅