StrangeLands - Week 13 - Fortification

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Tami of the Creators Faction.


  • This will be the final week of the StrangeLands season. As such, Super Sigil Chests will disappear after this week alongside all other season branches that are currently accessible.


  • Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it?
  • What are you most thankful for? (This would probably be a better question to answer for those who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.)
  • Which level are you going to this event?

My answers:

  • I have no definite plans for Thanksgiving this week (I do celebrate it), though I intend to spend time with my family.
  • I am most thankful for the existence of food and water. I am also thankful for my family, my friends, and simply life itself. I am thankful for my pets and all other animals in the world. I am thankful for my home.
  • I will be reaching level 490 from a starting level of 482. This should give me a smooth transition from my final Eldritch dragon, Balor, into Verdant tier (one breeding event from the next).


Oh thank you :flushed::blush:


Awww crap it’s fort already?


This will be the first time having thanksgiving at my house. My girlfriends family is coming from the other side of the country. My sister, niece, nephews and sig others will be here also. It’s either going to be a good time or a complete disaster. Time will tell. :joy:

I’m thankful everyday for the things in my life. Nothing came easy and the strides I made from my past to secure a better future for my kids is a blessing in its own. As long as they are happy my life is complete.

I am hoping to reach 460 (426 now). Tough undertaking but trying to get my level to catch up with my breeding. Might have to burn some more rubies to max out on those 2 day timers Reggie is peddling.


I don’t really celebrate it much anymore, my father, my sister and I have dinner together with some stuff. We used to do the whole big family gathering but we no longer speak to those people anymore so now we just do dinner with the three of us and it’s much nicer

I am thankful to be healthy and that my family and friends are healthy. I am thankful that no one I know suffered from Covid or lost anyone they love to it but at the same time my heart goes out to those who did.

Get the damn shot if you haven’t so we can work towards putting this crap behind us already.

Edit: Also I am very thankful that my cat is doing much better. He had lost a significant amount of weight during the summer and had been throwing up constantly and having hourly diarrhea and had to make numerous trips to the vet. Thankfully that is behind us now :crossed_fingers:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2:. He has put the weight he lost back on after we cut out his dry food and switched him over to strictly wet food. Now I just have to explain to him that we’re going to be cutting back some of his wet food so he doesn’t keep putting on more weight :see_no_evil:

Finally hitting 600
:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

@PGrdm @DragonPunch Will there be a preview stream this week given the holiday? If not when and how will the winter season info be released? It would be great if it could happen before the weekend so people can make their last fall season choices.


It’s too soon isnt it ?


We getting any limited time rune branch in fort?

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We should be. They still have one more ascension token that needs to be released. Though it may not be a rune/glyph


Watch it be an exotic rage glyph lolol

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That’s about the only thing they could do to convince me to spend extra rubies to go for. Im pretty much done with exotic tower runes after they made earthflaks redundant and so far all exotic dragon runes have been heavily restricted. It would probably be exotic artisan rage only


Shhh don’t say that just straight give us an exotic rage glyph or rune I’d be hype

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It would be nice but we cant have nice things :pleading_face:


Admittedly, I glossed over all responses but… no new tower levels? Yes? Thought we were due and for den levels…


No, we don’t have plans for a Winter Wave 1 stream. :cry:
I believe all the info that you could ever desire is going to be shared out on the blog, our youtube, and through the lovely Community Faction channels.

Disclaimer: I don’t work directly on the team that makes those decisions so this information might be inaccurate or incomplete.

  • Yes and Yes. Gonna smoke a ham on the Booger (Big Green Egg) and enjoy an afternoon with my family. Sports, nope. Just food and jokes and maybe watch some Die Hard, cause ya know, they’re holiday movies :wink:
  • My brothers and sisters in arms, that served in their respective country’s organized military to be 100% specific, that have fought for and risked their lives for their country. just being transparent, don’t want anyone to think I’m being political or woke or any of that nonsense.
  • Whatever gets me to 500 sigil point most likely - it’s the last event of the season, no reason to go all Leeroy Jenkins and shit.

That’s super disappointing to hear.
As much as I respect all that the CF does for the community, Im not really a fan of the idea of a brand new season being left up to only them to announce. I feel like it is better they get to put out the info onto their channels after an official stream where people have gotten to ask questions and get clarification on any changes coming. Blog posts dont come out until the last day of the season or even later so that is very late for people to be getting the info.

It would be nice if we at least could get a slide deck for the new season posted on the forums either tomorrow or Wednesday so people have time to look over it and figure things out.


Wow, all the hype down the drain


How can there be no plans for a season preview stream? :expressionless::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve played for 3 years now and every new season there has been a preview

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I don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Australia. :hugs:

The safe birth of my baby. And the fact I am lucky in my family and life to be safe and comfortable enough to provide.

To 16mill atleast


Wow, so first PG skips Halloween and now they’re skipping previewing a new season?
Any reason they didnt just do the preview during the summit stream? There was even a seasons stream, that would have been the perfect time and everyone was there.

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