StrangeLands - Week 2 - Temple Raid

Dive further into your discounts with easy points and effortlessly increased sigils in this Temple Raid event!

News & Questions


  • This is the second and final week for a number of things: the discount in Gilas’ branch, the Base Boost discount, the Key Redemption Branch, and the 20% boost in the tower branch (inconveniently).


  • How do you feel the year of 2021 compares to the year of 2020? Also, what are your thoughts on how hectic of a start this decade has had already?
  • Do you believe in the existence of a “wrong opinion”? Do you believe that one’s opinion may be correct or incorrect, while still being their own entitled thought?

Certainly, the “wrong opinion” is dictated by ignorance and stupidity of not knowing when to be silent.

Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.

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I believe there are multiple wrong opinions.

Examples -

From the silly but somewhat harmless :-

NBA Superstar Kyrie Lowrie having the opinion that the world is flat.

To the destructive :-

People having the opinion that minority groups must have less rights and freedoms than people in majority groups.

Sometimes it is quite complicated and sometimes less so :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most opinions are not wrong, just different.

But the very few definitely can be and should be considered wrong. Say, some still believe in nazism, hardcore. I’d sure as hell will consider their opinions about nazism very wrong, not just different from mine.


So strange not having a poster. :disappointed:


This is a bit of a long answer - sorry! Short answer, is that I would probably say 2020 was better.

As an Aussie (particularly a Queenslander), I only had one lockdown for a couple of weeks in 2020, then back to normal (for everywhere except Victoria, which suffered a second much longer lockdown). The biggest hindrance was not being able to travel overseas, and not knowing when we’d get the vaccine and borders would reopen.

2021… has been crazy. It started off really well! The first of the “snap lockdowns” (usually lasting between three - seven days) started early in the year, but were pretty scarce… until recently. I think it was only a couple of months ago where they started becoming a lot more frequent and it almost turned into “pass the parcel” (err, pass the lockdown) between states/cities: one would go in just as another was coming out.

And a side affect worth noting of these snap lockdowns is cancelled plans. One day, life is normal, the next you are in lockdown - or the place were going to go to is in lockdown. So whereas last year it was relatively easy and worry-free to travel to various other parts of the country, every time I’ve tried this year it’s been cancelled by either a snap lockdown or snap state border closure.

And now NSW’s been in lockdown that has been going on for weeks and weeks (probably feels even worse because they were told going into that lockdown that it would be for two weeks), and now Victoria’s following a fairly similar path. At this point, the premiers have pretty much said that lockdown will remain until 80% of the population has been vaccinated.

So yeah, for us 2021’s definitely been the crazier of the two!

That’s a tough one. I think that everyone is entitled to an opinion, so long as it is not mistaken for fact (if that makes sense).

Although it really does depend on what said opinion is for. Favourite brand of chocolate? No problem. But… with more controversial topics, I daresay that one would be best off putting in a bit of research before deciding on an opinion. Just getting the basic facts and collaborating it with credible sources. And even then, being open to the idea of having an open mind.

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The more things change the more stay the same! Second Event of New Season and several players cannot open Chests or take part in Atlas without Game crashing completely without remedy and not a word from Support … as an original contributing author to much of what today’s world takes for granted such as Internet E-mail and Forums it saddens me to see lack or want for even moderate means of respectability… Posts should not be marked as “Off Topic” when as indicated maybe an only means of reporting bugs during any ongoing Event.

Anyone having trouble with crashes opening chests or Atlas screens please try deleting game, clear all catches, reset network settings, cold reboot device, reinstall, please be sure to keep PG ID on hand, reinstall, then restart game a few times… Note: new seasons are graphics heavy so clearing out the old clears the way for the new… good luck!

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Super slow right now…ramp up the AWS bandwidth please! (or maybe it’s just me…)

Anyone else not got a raid button?

EDIT: Ignore me, forgot how it worked :see_no_evil:


Reminder to everyone to clear those guardians to 100% each if you want to raid next time


Aye! Captain! :facepunch:t2: :smiley:




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Yes. I opened a bunch and claimed event rewards. Game froze and my rewards reset and I lost all my chests. Hopefully pg will fix it

Is anyone else not receiving the portrait for clearing the center islands in temple raid? It’s earth ursus this time right?

Maybe, restart? Should refresh everything. That happened last time too (at least to me).

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Already tried restarting several times, teammates are saying same thing and we are all definitely restarting and all that​:grin::+1:


QUESTION: Do I get refunded if I launched a mega, but failed to finish my attack (less than 70%, I think) because my phone got low bat & turned off? :slightly_frowning_face:

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I got the Enraged Fire Ursus. Looks like we get the green portrait next time?