StrangeLands - Week 2 - Temple Raid

We already had fire though, we also had all the other elements so I just assumed it was earth since we haven’t had it yet. My teammates and I still haven’t received any new portraits yet though since clearing center island yesterday so not sure what’s up, unless maybe fire was accidentally released twice before earth maybe.
@PGGalileo any news on temple raid portraits?

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Refunds should only be if you got 0% or the target was no longer eligible such as you were hitting someone and your team pushed into guards or the temple. Anything over 0% but under 70% should give partial points based on the percentage you cleared


I see. Thanks. I honestly can’t remember the % damage I did already, but for sure it was less than 70% or 50% I think?? Sigh.

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I almost had that happen last night. I was doing runs last night and suddenly thought “I haven’t looked at my battery in a while”. I was at 8% :scream: :see_no_evil:


Someone stole 1 point from the shrine guardian :scream::scream::scream:


8% is plentyyyyyy

Ask anyone I know, i’m usually on low battery, and often live on the edge with 1% :rofl:


It was me. I’m pulling a Superman 3 and getting millions of points by stealing one point from everyone :smiling_imp:

Ok maybe not millions. Dozens even.


It’s discount week, so the points are discounted too! :joy: :rofl:


The harbinger guardian from the outer island has 704 now.

Anyway I’m disappointed that PG gave the fire ursus (again) instead of earth (still locked).

They have been all event. For some reason Harb temple guardians are over 700 now and the harb shrine guardian is 699.
It’s not a big deal but it is weird. Especially combined with us not getting the correct portrait this event. Just weird, random things that PG hasn’t bothered to say anything about

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The point difference is to our advantage so I don’t care but the portrait thing is mean.

Well, it’s not really to our advantage or disadvantage. A couple points for 1 guardian will not make a difference for anyone. Im just more interested in why because it seems to be different by -1 or +1 based on league

What was the portrait this event? I don’t recall getting one. Earth Ursa was the only one I didn’t have.

I think it was a repeat. Nothing new.

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Odd to do a repeat when they hadn’t gone through all of them once, no?

Yeah. Definitely odd :man_shrugging:

Probably someone forgot to put in the new portrait. PG could really use a Product-to-market checklist that every team lead has to sign off on.


@Birdy lordee dunno what you n @ZeroDucksGvn got goin on but to me still looks like two birds of a feather… happy flocking flying!

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