StrangeLands - Week 3 - Breeding

News & Questions


  • All discounts and 20% increased prize values should now be reverted to their original prices/values.
  • The Aftermath Key Redemption Branch should now be eliminated from the lineup.
  • The new concept of Champion Riders should see its first admission this event; no details given yet.
    For any information on the Champion Riders, please visit this link.


  • Which dragon are you breeding this event, if any?
  • What are your ambitions (your goals)?

My answers:

  • I will be breeding Vexa this event, an Eldritch Legendary Dark Sorcerer.
  • My primary ambition is to make a scientific discovery as a zoologist. I intend to work in the wild alongside animals in their habitats, and I aspire to make a discovery of my own in doing so. I hear the ocean is full of undiscovered creatures! My only other ambition is to become a billionaire. I intend to use my money both for personal advantage and for charity if I succeed in fulfilling said goal.

Breeding slax so I can hopefully get my second obsidian dragon
My goal is to get off the couch and wait for the pandemic in Australia to end


Finish off Jormungandr, and start on getting Lusian.
Finish my 4 month commission and buy a house with a garage.

  1. Carrion and Montague – my first two verdant legendaries!
  2. Biggest goal right now is going on exchange overseas, and travel overseas. Exchange this year was cancelled due to covid (Oz’s shut borders = no international travel), but fingers are crossed for next year. To be able to finally experience a white Christmas (and snow!!) surrounded by buildings that are hundreds of years old… it would be amazing!

will assault also taking place?


i have 180k tokens so finish obsidan and get a few more harbs


Gloomclaw, Pyrochis and Stormheim. Dissapointing mythics. Won’t even be used for perch as Mehatten is on it lol. People are complaining about the newest season mythics, i am complaining about the unusable past lineage mythics.

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When are they adding the festive branch this season? The same as usual or any changes?

Week 9 or 10, same as always.


Debating between Quilleth and Narmak plus some research


Quilleth and research. My castle is still upgrading to tire 19, no need to spend timers on it yet to get Narmak - he will still be there next breed :wink:

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Charpent and Narmak or Charpent and some researches. Still not decided…


Whatever I can get with 1M bokens, but I’ll likely stop once I cleared all the prize tiers this breeding. Also, I’m hoping for Assault. :crossed_fingers:t2: :green_heart:

I remember when I was very young & little I would dream to be a writer & publish my own book. At some point back in High School I got fascinated about volcanoes & told my parents I wanted to be a volcanologist. I, also, dreamt of becoming the next Chess Grand Master so I’d compete then & hailed as champion in the regional level. But, LOLss, today I’m completely doing different stuffs. :laughing: Professionally I do Business Analytics & Demand Planning for an International Company, on the side I part-time as a model for brands (if there are offers that I liked). :relieved:


A very happy birthday, @ZeroDucksGvn! Hope you are having a good celebration while staying safe with your loved ones. :green_heart:


I purposely didn’t level to 435 to start Abyssal last fort with the mindset of wanting to do some research.

I have 522k tokens, the most I’ve ever had. I’m not exactly sure if research is the most well-advised decision though, considering I’m not anywhere close to endgame.

Just looked at path and someone tell me who decided to make the jump from Empyrean to Abyssal so huge lol


Another ‘useful’ breeding: Asuri+Lumestry. Other than having them for progress this doesnt really hype me up. But hey, at least close to endgame breeding I guess.

My goal: not being a fool anymore and actually investing time for my studies :^)


They have not mentioned it.

Getting Charpent and Washi this week, so I’m hopeful they’ll be at least half decent for Crystal Caves!

I’m working on my bachelor’s in Computer Science, so that’s my biggest life goal for now, I should finish in about 2 years.


Hey no kidding. When you setup your bot, I want access :wink:


Nothing to breed so I guess research…

My goal is to enjoy a cup of hot coffee

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