StrangeLands - Week 3 - Breeding

Not breeding any this event, but I am desperately trying to finish my research by doing a little at a time each breed.

Be a stay at home dog mom. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Kidding aside, it’s always been a secret goal to write a book.


@ZeroDucksGvn have a fabulous birthday!

  1. Caldur & Orthoptar, starting Glosia (Ladron) not enough tokens to finish.

  2. I hope to find the Genie on the bottom of the red wine bottle :joy::man_shrugging:t2::wine_glass:

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happy b’day @ZeroDucksGvn :partying_face: :partying_face: :blush: :+1: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :duck: :duck:


@ZeroDucksGvn A very happy birthday :birthday::tada::confetti_ball::gift: :duck::duck::duck::duck::duck::partying_face:

  1. I’ll hatch Cephoth and begin breeding Makota, both of witch I’ll only use for proceeding further towards my first verdant mythic…

  2. I don’t really know if one could call this a goal, but I’m really looking forward to going on pension in a few years… there’s so many things I’d like to see and do, but lack the time atm… now the kid’s about to move out for studying and building up a life of her own, there’ll hopefully be plenty of time for the Missus and me to explore the world out there and maybe boldly go where none of us has gone before :sweat_smile:


Emerald mythics and hopefully an obsidian drag

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At minimum I’ll get mordred. Then we can see after that lol


Getting washi or research lol

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Goal is finish the rest of Mordred and get 2 Verdant dragons.

I just wanted to chime in and also wish @ZeroDucksGvn a happy birthday. :partying_face:



@ZeroDucksGvn may all the ducks be there on your birthday


You will be forced to finish that castle upgrade or you wont be able to breed the invoker. He is locked until you have 1 Artisan allready+ Castle leveled up.

To topic, breeding Narmak with Token and use Frags on the hunter to max out event last prize for me.

Thank you @Angela, @Birdy, @IIsaturnII, @Jalen, @Dottore and if I missed anyone else for the birthday wishes. I dont like celebrating my B-day for personal reasons but the day was nice. Unfortunately I get to follow it up tomorrow by taking my cat into the vet for x-rays and he is super high right now stumbling all over :sob: :pleading_face:

On topic: Now Im debating about changing my event plans. I don’t really want to waste so many tokens doing eldritch research that I don’t want. This may be the end of research for me if they’re going to take away our choices



Can we please get a firm answer on whether or not level 130 towers will be released next fort? This has a huge impact on breeding for a lot of players.

Correction: 9/29 which is the next fort event should have tower levels 128-130

Edit note: I edited out the wrong info so folks wouldn’t be confused if they saw this before the rest of the convo.


Interesting :thinking:

Is this just a slowing of power creep? Bc I’m all for it


Wait, what? So next two forts have no new tower levels?
Mythic Artisan should be happening week 11 this season (if the normal schedule is followed). So is artisan mythic coming out later or are Artisan legendaries not even reaching max before mythics happen?

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Hopefully that means they are no longer following the old schedule…. Glad to see them slow it down.


Are you sure that’s not towers 131-132 Gal? Those I would be expecting week 13, I’d expect 128-130 to come out week 5.

  1. Breeding Charpent + research - have 800k tokens and 2600 fragments to burn through over the seasons 3 Breeding events.

  2. Present goal - photograph both Minor and Major League Baseball.