StrangeLands - Week 4 - Crystal Caves

News & Questions


  • This will be the second and final week for the 20% prize boost in the Champion Riders Branch.


  • What are some things you would like to see further in time?
  • What is a talent that you are prideful of?

How annoying I can be sometimes. But all in reality drawing when it’s not being compared to other’s artwork.

also idk about the first question other than can I be Hauheset now?


A talent of not pissing people off is what I’m prideful of. Cause why piss people off when you can just be friends.
Something I would like to see in the future is if I Probably would like to see if I actually pass the hell that is known as school.


You not appreciating the joy a differing opinions and healthy debate pisses me off and is why we are not friends…. So screw your talents and your pride. Also… school rocks!


I miss the good old events, I know Kingdom Wars is gone, but why not bring back King of the Hill, I know that PG is busy, but some good old retro events will bring back players who have rage quit.


In game: more equality for all the classes, less hunter favoritism in terms of dragon quality, special/unique runes and glyphs offered. I’d like to see core improvements made to warriors and sorcerers. Obviously, if every warrior seems to need a 400% breath boost then there’s an issue with the core design of the class.
Im just tired of everything special being for hunters, it doesnt even seem like they’re trying to pretend like they support everything equally.

Out of game: I’d really love to see an end of this spreading of false information, hate speech and just overall idea that people can say and do anything they want and they shouldnt be ashamed of it that has obviously always been around but has been majorly supported in the last few years.
Im sorry but if you’re a racist, homophobic and/or sexist jackass that wants to spread that garbage then you deserve to have the crap beat out of you for it.

I’d love to see people stop trying to tell other people how to live their lives and what they’re allowed to do with their own bodies. Just live your own damn life and stop worrying what others are doing (this can be applied in game as well).

Also I’d like to see Invader Zim come back :heart_eyes:

I have the amazing talent for not punching people in the face that deserve it and losing my job and going to jail :joy:

Also I can vibrate my eyes and I work well with animals


I bet a few more seasons and 500% won’t be enough :wink:

Fully agree - they can make warriors that have more depth to them.

The argument that hunters take more skill is kinda misleading. Sure some do (Hau, Xul) but some also need zero skill. Cal, Mordred etc.

Half the “skill” of being a hunter flying is playing on a tablet and not a phone, living in the US for faster internet connection and using an apple product instead of a droid product.

The other half is really timing and not messing up the rotation / hitting the right towers.

But I’m sure they can make warriors that aren’t one button nukes either. Nockmar seems to be a bit more strategic for example but without a decent breath weapon he is severely hard capped on 2/3 defenders.

You can get by with 2 of the above 3 of course but much harder with 0 of 3.

I’ll never forget my last holiday to California and how much easier hunters are on an ipad with local cloud servers compared to my normal droid phone in Australia.

Good luck getting time down pat when the combat freezes for a second or it rewinds you back to the last island or even fast forwards you into an island it doesn’t matter how good you are you are dead.

Half the time it’s why I pick a warrior because at least it can survive a few random latency forward / backwards issues but of course warriors are kinda weak compared to hunters due to their low single target dps and aoe which is easily countered with hammer spam.

Being able to take a couple of hits is nowhere near as good as avoiding damage completely on a short cool down and being able to nuke 2-3 towers at the same time with 2 fingers

Its a completely different beast.

The people that dominate hunters on droid phones miles away from USA data centers are skilled :smiley:


My internal clock is messed up for events but I was expecting pits lol


Cool, I can do this as well. Don’t know why though.


Just remember they are in alphabetical order: CC, FP, TG, TR. that’s how I remember.


Or capture the flag, like I said before.

It’s called voluntary nystagmus and I think it’s just because we have greater control over the muscles around our eyes


Wait how did you get that cycle perfectly ?


He went back in time and moved a chair :man_facepalming:


Is that how pvp’s cycle now or no?

I was really hoping for KotH

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KOTH only runs alongside Feeding now as a double dead event :woman_zombie:

That’s how it is currently cycling but that doesnt mean it is set in stone. They can change it at any time they like


It used to be bug. The lock. I wish pg could do it as ability to officers so they actually could lock attacks on crystals along with targeting ability :pray:t2:

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Meh. Just get good teammates

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