StrangeLands - Week 5 - Fortification

News & Questions


  • As per the statement made by Galileo, located here, the Resurrection Dragon, Somnus, will appear beginning this week. (A fun fact that makes this dragon unique is that this dragon was the first a community-created dragon, followed by Galgrim of Frostwreath.)
  • You may additionally expect the Cosmic Orrery Branch to be released.
  • Tower levels 128-130 will also release during this event.


  • Which level are you going to this event?
  • What was the hardest thing you’d ever lost or had to give away?

My answers:

  • I have little planned for this event, as breeding is still a highly sluggish task, and keeping up increases in difficulty. (Cumulative Player Level XP is also becoming more of a crux—currently above 550K—so the issue is double-faced.) I will be doing an undramatic waltz from level 477 to level 478.
  • I recently lost my dog: a Yorkshire Terrier. He died the day after we came back from our recent vacation. We found him lying on the garage floor bleeding, with our Pitbull puppy crying beside him, and our Shih Tzu whining not far behind. It happened on 9/11/21. His name was Sam, and we had him for 14 years.

500 and I’m maxing it (fort).

So I read your response and wow I’m really sorry to hear. A few years ago my dog passed and it actually sucked, and was def one of the worst experiences of my life. And the way your other dogs were I can’t :sob:
Do you know what happened?


So sorry to hear about that. I lost two dogs, a good friend, and my father within the past couple of years. It has been rough but we do what we can to remember them and keep them in our hearts.


Eh, after I reached 600, I stopped counting levels. I’ll definitely gain a few with 130s.

:pleading_face: my childhood pet. I grew up with that dog, and it hurt to lose him as it was my first experience with death in any capacity.


No. It was a surprise, and not a very pleasant one. :confused:

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No. Sorry. It was Necroth (The People’s Dragon) as collaborated by players back in April 2016.

I’m pretty fine with my current level in this account, so I’m focusing more on merging.

The most recent one, I was supposed to attend Hult (Fall 2021 class) after I got nominated for an MBA Program. The process started back in April this year, but unfortunately I had to let go of the offer to prioritize matters concerning my family. It can wait for sure.

I’m sorry for your loss, Jalen. Sending (virtual) hugss to you & family. :green_heart:


Same. Above 600 but so far from a max base that it’s depressing :confused:


No idea too tired to do the math but max fort is the target


Only going up a measly 3 levels, nothing exciting. I am thinking about if I want to skip doing my farms and put some more levels into a new mage though

I am so so sorry about your fur baby, that is so painful, especially in a situation like that. My heart truly goes out to you and your family

The other question

The absolute hardest was losing my mother 10 years ago to lung cancer. No matter how much time passes it still feels like it just happened. It really wrecked my family and ripped it part because her side of the “family” were such horrible assholes

These horrible people didnt even tell us when my grandmother died and we found out about it from an Instagram post 8 months later

Second hardest would be losing one of my cats. I was super close to him, he was a “stray” who belonged to a couple of jackasses who lived a few blocks down from us. They were the type of people who wanted a cat but didn’t want to actually have to feed him or clean up a litterbox so they basically just let him live outside. We ending up taking him away from them because they were in violation of their adoption agreement and basically abandoned him.
We had him for about 7 wonderful years. Unfortunately, he developed Cushing’s Disease which has to do with the adrenal glands. Our vet said he had only ever seen it in cats a couple times in his career. It made his skin so thin that it was literally ripping when he cleaned himself. We had to rush him to the emergency room 3 times ($700 a pop) because he ripped his skin open. It was so hard seeing him deteriorate like that and eventually we just had to make the call. His name was Pippin (after the hobbit) though we called him Pippy or Popkin and he was the coolest cat I’ve ever known (and also a total jerk)
(He got smooshed under the blankets when I was making the bed. He used to love to “help” me)


Which ever my timer take, max price is the limit.

My 8yo nephew, last year. First grandkid of family. I cant describe how i feel


How to blurr your answer?

Don’t have a expected level, just am going to try and get 110 towers if I can but I’d need to see if I have Eldritch eggs for my hut.

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I’m going to get to 1 mil points and I’m to lazy to use a fort planner so what ever level 1 million points gets me too

My dog Indy he was a mix of a Labrador and a golden retriever

I still miss him :pleading_face:


gear icon, blur spoiler


It can’t be that bad than what my base looked like before vs now

Hopefully level 300, if I have enough timers lol

I’m really sorry about your loss, loosing a pet is something really hard…

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This thread is sad. Too sad. Why does it have to be sad


That’s why I tried not to talk about family losses in my (own) response. Because I’m very emotional when it comes about family as a topic. This year, sure, has taken away quite a number of people I soo dearly loved. I just want this year to end already! :green_heart:


That’s the reason I collaped mine. I didnt want to depress anyone

Allow me to brighten this thread up a little bit … I feel fort is over before it even begins lmao