StrangeLands - Week 6 - Fight Pits

News & Questions


  • The Spell Rider Branch should be releasing this event.
  • This is the final week for the 20% prize value boosts on both the Resurrection Branch and the Cosmic Orrery Branch.


  • In your solemn opinion, what has been the worst part about the last two years?
  • Which two foods do not go together that you believe are compatible?

Wuhan virus?

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@Jalen where are your answers? :pleading_face:

As a social person, the hardest part has been the isolation. It was hard not to go out with friends or stay in and hang out together. That’s certainly gotten better over the last few months, but the first year was pretty brutal.

Edit: just finished lunch with some coworkers and apparently my ice cream/shake and French fry combo is weird to them. :disappointed: I think it’s tasty.


Odd way to say Covid-19, or SARS-CoV-2


Doctors have been affected pretty bad, even even if they aren’t working in the Covid departments, they had the risk to get infected.

Medicine students affected worse, we had to do our practice lessons… Apparently we couldn’t. I hope everybody could find a solution for that, because most of the time, practice is more important then theoric information in hospitals.

Didn’t try because i am not that of a fan of drinking alcohol, but people like to drink energy drinks with it. I know it’s also unhealthy tough.


Peas and mashed potatoes

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I haven’t tried that either. Energy drinks already have a negative impact on me so my heart poor heart likely wouldn’t be able to handle both. :sweat_smile:


Red bull and vodka is great lmao


The next event has not been announced yet. :pleading_face:
The announcement is 15 minutes later. :cry:

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Vodka Red Bull also know as a heart attack special. Along with an assortment of other names.


Okay okay just vodka


We call it a Raging Bull here! Interesting to see different names in different places

For someone who has worked from home for 6 years, the everyone at home didn’t bother me. My son had a very hard time with online learning though, even as a junior in high school. Friends with young kids had it even worse.
The fact that we couldn’t do anything outside of the house did bother me. No camping, no wilderness trips, no fun trips to just get out of the house. Only time we left was to go grocery shopping. This last year we finally got to go camping, but I stayed in the 5th wheel the entire trip to avoid the people. The campgrounds were full but it was relaxing nonetheless.
Add in the amount of death in my area from covid, which was always really sad to hear. My family wasn’t touched thankfully, including my grandmother who turns 100 in a 2 months. :scream: We hope to keep that way.

Yeah, something I will never do again is Mountain Dew and Southern Comfort. I got so sick. Tasted okay, but yeah no.


The isolation, I guess… Me and my wife tried the best we could to keep things running and I think we were quite successful in the end… (our animals had a great time though, as they got tons of attention and petting, since there was someone home at all times) We we’re lucky enough to keep our jobs and got used to partially work from home, so I guess all in all we could consider ourselves quite lucky.
My daughter had a very challenging time though as she’s in her final year on high school and working hard on her matriculation project; being isolated from her friends and classmates didn’t really help, so we’re all happy things are at least a little more “back to normal” at the moment…

I eat cranberries with almost every dish one can imagine. I think they combine as well with all sorts of meat, be it cooked, fried or baked, as they are compatible with fish. In my humble opinion these little bittersweet red berries add a great yum yum to every meal :drooling_face::yum:


Often paired together in Shepherd’s Pie.


Yay, the Pits! :unamused:

Not answering the questions, that could get too heated too quickly. And I’m sure I’d offend at least a few people. Can I even call people people anymore? Humanoids? Homosapiens? Don’t wanna get the ban, crap can’t even use stick anymore, so uh ban thing for mislabeling the player base, yeah that’s it, playerbase.


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I normally answer for Fort and Breeding threads. I could start for PvP as well, it wouldn’t be a big deal. There’s really no reason I don’t answer for PvP threads as is. I could even embed my answers into this thread later on when I get back to it and start from here onward if you’d like. :hugs:

I never paid much attention to announcement times separate from when Poseidon posted his posters, which is no longer an occurrence as he’s quit the game. I apologize if I’ve done any harm, though I was sure when I posted this thread that I wasn’t. If I am mistaken in thinking that way, I am open to correction. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope she makes it there! Age 100 is a spectacular age; by that point in your life, you’ve seen more years than humanity generally ever does. She should be proud of herself for making it so far. I am also hoping your family as a whole remains unaffected by COVID. :slightly_smiling_face: — I know my parents had COVID momentarily, but it was very brief and not on a highly serious level, thankfully. Apart from that, my family has also been free of COVID.


CF announces the events at 8 am PST. As you know things may get changed pretty quickly in PG.

I liked the event announcement threads more with visuals, and I agree that Poseidon is a real artist about design. However you can find a lot of cool visuals in the Instagram pages of CF if you do use it. Keep up! Just a little bit later :blush:

edit: Miina also got a twitter account