StrangeLands - Week 7 - Breeding


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News & Questions


  • The 20% prize values on Somnus’s and the Orrery Branch should now be reverted to their original prices.
  • Fera’s 20% prize increase will see its second and final week this event.
  • It was confirmed before the event that we will be getting Assault.


  • Which factors, in your opinion, make for an intelligent person?
  • Which dragons, if any, will you be breeding this event?

My answers:

  • This will be a long-winded, sort of philosophical answer. Sift through the hidden text at your convenience.
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A universal majority of the human race would posit that any individual with an extensive vocabulary range would be one who is more exceptionally “intelligent” than their counterparts. I have been an in-person witness of this myself. Firstly, I will argue against that notion by saying that it is misguided; one’s full scope of vocabulary has no affect nor bearing on how intelligent they are. It may portray how versatile they are in their expression and comprehension (assuming they do not use a thesaurus to source 90% of the words in an attempt at coming off as more “intelligent” than they truly are in their own capacity, which I will state is not every genuine scholar’s intention; most genuinely love words, and most have hobbies relative to them, such as writing stories—both include myself ), but it does not symbolize any intellect.

Indeed, an extensive vocabulary will take you many miles in life, but this begs the question: would you be capable of applying what you know how to apply on paper and on computers to the more frenetic world? Could you convert your abstract knowledge of language into something effectual in a concrete environment? Perhaps you could, but the fact is still on the table among everything else that being what is known as “book-smart” is not the sole variant of intelligence. Being book-smart is nothing to shame or to feel shame for; the case in point is that society makes it seem that being book-smart is what makes someone truly intelligent in general.

In my earnest opinion, an intelligent person is one who is perceptive of their surroundings, resourceful in the face of adversity, efficient at solving problems as they arise, keeps an open mind, sees things through other people’s eyes, refrains from pestering/antagonizing/discriminating, and even has strong opinions. (Strong opinions indicate, to me at least, a dynamic thinking process, which indicates a potent mind. This includes those which would result in a tumultuous outrage due to the substantial weight that the opinion may have on certain high-strung individuals—those opinions that are often conceived by the individual themself to be one that cannot realistically be shared in public for the sake of keeping a civil environment, and for the avoidance of being dogpiled by a group of people in person or online.) An intelligent person, to me, is also one who is shrewd; good at making quick, surefire judgments and decisions with what little time they may have to manage. I do solemnly believe that having some enriched vocabulary and knowledge of how to use it effectually plays a role in intellect as well, though not to a broad extent. (A person’s intellect level should not be confined to vocabulary, but the skill in micromanaging it certainly deserves some credit. Those with genuine, unforced knowledge of how terms/phrases are used effectively get a place in this topic, but they don’t get the full topic. Intellect extends far beyond the abstractions of vocabulary; intellect is in the real world as well, even more so.)

With all things considered, I believe that we are all intellectual in our own right. Even those who may seem obtuse have some mental capacity. Dexterity itself is a form of intellect; chimpanzees are capable of using tools, and they get labeled as intelligent for it, so since humans share 98% of their DNA with chimpanzees as our closest relatives, there is a connection between the way we use tools and the way they figure out how to use tools. Resilience itself is also, in my book, a form of intellect; facing difficulties that most are unable to face; this implies that you were in the right state of mind at the time, which indeed constitutes a broader scope of intelligence. When assessing one’s intellect, there is more to assess than thought process; there is also interaction and reaction. I do hope all of this made sense, and was supported by sensible logic; my point was not that being knowledgeable of language is not being intelligent, but that society often misapprehends it to be what makes for a truly intelligent person, to the exclusion of any of the other numerous forms of knowledge.

  • I will be breeding Caldur, an Eldritch Legendary Fire Warrior.

Hedran and lumina, and if I have enough tokens Mafic or Rhyo

Open minded self control and highly adaptable


Kindness, Humour, Humility. :green_heart:

Continue with some research. :relieved:


Open minded, high focus on communication, willingness to learn, slow to judge.

Caldur my first eldritch! It’s funny because eldritch was the highest tier for lineage dragons when I first started playing. Feels like a big milestone.


Narmak and then research eggs since they just discounted vanguard even more.

The ability to accept the ideas of others (even if you don’t agree with them) and be willing to accept/acknowlage that your own ideas may not be the best or even correct. Being open to the possibility of not knowing everything

You can have people who are very book or tech smart but are total dumbasses that think they know everything about everything and anyone who disagrees is automatically wrong.

None of that applies to knowing that Chunk is the cutest dragon though. That’s just a universal fact


No dragons for me. :disappointed: On the bright side, I still have some research left.


Malok and partial of whoever the next Arcanum is.

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Hopefully a obsidian mythic so I can continue harbinger

None everyone is as dumb as me and always will be :wink:

Do you have any info about this?

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Because some of you wanted to see what the CFs are creating for the events :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Harb and Vanguard moved from 70% to 90% discounted

Also lv 75 towers are now super cheap too


Narmak and research

Intelligence for me is more:
dissemination of knowledge to others
engage in and debate new ideas and not dismiss just because it’s new


Finishing Mordred and maybe starting the next one. Just wish prizes were adjusted better for breeding

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The latest list of research costs :hatching_chick:


I’m seriously thinking about doing some research actually instead of new dragons, these new mythics do not excite me. 2/4 already done but both useless.
It’s a pity I’ve done harbinger research couple of breeds ago, could’ve saved heaps of tokens :sweat_smile: Onto Vanguard now.


Breed wasabi ( cant really remember it’s name)
With mainly fragments and the rest of the egg token are for research purposes so it’s enough to get 700k points


There is also only one factor to being smart.
And that factor is don’t be me.

Its time for washi…yay

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700k of research


@Jalen Also might want to add in Assault since apparently we’re getting it now :heart_eyes: