StrangeLands - Week 8 - Team Gauntlet


Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to MiinaNiina of the Creators Faction.


  • The 20% prize value increase on Fera’s branch ends here.
  • As you may have foreseen, or simply noticed by way of the poster, there will be a Trading Post this week.


  • Which decade or time period do you believe was the best in terms of fashion, music, general outdoor activity, etc.? Would you give the world’s evolution a good rating or a bad rating?
  • Do you believe that the dinosaurs could ever return? How do you feel the world might change if they do? Do you feel the world may have never changed if the dinosaurs never went extinct?

Oh :pleading_face: I’ve waited for the thread to show mine :joy: so tadaaaa here is mine too


Ok, inform the poorly informed, what’s the Trading Post?

Edit, ok I searched the forums and read up. Another new addition to the game. Pretty neat, not wonderfully impressive, but not horrible either. Cool PG, cool.

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Basically sometimes cool stuff for sigils and 1 offer usually for another resource. changes daily.

Find all of Morreion’s previous trading post analysis threads linked on WD Neon


Were you around for the daily offer lines where the contents changed each day?

It’s a separate menu with like 6 different things offered. Most cost sigils though sometimes they cost pearls or crafting shards or fire/ice shards. Most are junk deals but some are good like gold/plat/draconic chests for fairly cheap, high amounts of timers, exclusive/special runes and glyphs, etc. The offers last for 24hrs and then the next day will change so you basically have to decide if it’s worth going for something early or hold out and hope for something good in the following days


Thanks Zami :+1:

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But I read up, searching the forums helps. Wondering how many more golden gems are gonna pop up……I should quit more often, seems PG actually improves the game while I’m away :rofl::joy:


I hope Reggie is bringing some goodies this week.


Festive shards :eyes: (for Rath)

Well, breeding discounts are now 90% up to vanguard. So 10% of original cost. Buildings got cheaper, dragons got fast incubation time and healing time, all to correspond with those tiers. (Not all at 10%. Neon has a list of all the discounts.)

As for trading post, we get 2 a season. So second offering should be week 12/13 where you can use super sigils to get any last minute sigils for trading post deals.

Morreion does try to put out a daily analysis. So keep an eye out for it.

  1. 80s! I would’ve loved to have been a teenager in the 80s! All of the hot mess huge hair and blue eyeshadow! The music is arguably still some of my fave! I’d have loved to have been around for Thriller! I’d say the world is (technically-speaking) evolving wonderfully where technology is concerned, but not as wonderfully in areas like socialization and environment.

  2. I think they could return! But, I wouldn’t want them to. Jurassic Park tells us that would be dangerous! Hahah I think they’d put them in special zoos as in the movies as we, as humans, need to be the top of the food chain, and we don’t like to be inconvenienced.:roll_eyes:


I do enjoy me some Gauntlet and I saved everything from breeding in anticipation of Reggie showing up. Hopefully he’s not a cheap tightwad this week and is generous with the deals (also hopefully he has put any research eggs on clearance after researching the going price for them)

I really want to start seeing some special/unique rune and glyphs being offered for non-hunter classes. The usual mythic hunter ammo has gotten old. How about a nice mythic rage + high HP glyph for warriors or sorcerers. Come on Reggie, expand your imagination.

terrible thanks to us as a species. No organisms have done more damage to this planet than us, not even viruses

Well if the dinos had never gone extinct then mammals wouldn’t have really had the opportunity to fill in the space they left as one of the dominant life forms. That would also mean no humans around to destroy this world.
No I don’t think Dinosaurs could ever return, the earth’s ecosystems don’t meet the necessary requirements that they would need to survive plus we would just hunt/nuke them back into extinction.

Plus there’s an entire film series explaining why this would be a terrible idea

Past festive shards can always be obtained from Draconic chests. Currently Rath’s should still the primary drop until the new festive comes out next week


I know but I didn’t win the lottery and the new festive line isn’t out yet, so……one can dream!

Definitely, thanks Zami :+1: lots of good info, and changes to the game :exploding_head:


80s definitely it’s so pretty and the music is gorgeous

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I can’t resist those 48h timers deals, the sole ones better than gold’s (for me)

Trading post ?

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:lol if only I had read a little sooner. Just spent my sigil on the ferra branch to get resources while they were boosted. I thought if there would be an trading post it would have been with assault and breeding.

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So far for quite a while there has been a trading post deal every season during week 7 or 8. If it doesn’t come week 7 because something else comes out then it comes week 8. So it’s one of the few dependable things. Plus they did say during the wave 2 stream that there was the Gilas skin line week 7 and a trading post week 8


It felt like trading post came really late last season. I thought I was only a week or two till the end of the season when it came.

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Haven’t played the last two seasons and I missed the livestream thanks to the worlds earliest heads up :sweat_smile::joy: