StrangeLands - Week 9 - Fortification

I apologize for the lateness of this post. I have had a lot going on lately.


Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to MiinaNiina of the Creators Faction.


  • The festive dragon, Ramnought, will be releasing this week.


  • Have you ever had any experience with a musical instrument?
  • Which level are you going to this event?

My answers:

  • I have played, and still play to this day, the clarinet. I am a skilled clarinetist with experience upwards of 7 years. (It is a difficult instrument.) I play in a band. I intend to learn more instruments in the future such as saxophone and cello. (I have never played a string instrument, so learning the cello will be a blast.)
  • I will not go much further up this event. I currently sit at level 480, and I am anticipating level 482, so it’s a slight shift, nothing too substantial, the reason being difficulty in breeding. (It is an ongoing issue. This is nigh-on my third month into Eldritch, and I am nowhere near prepared for Verdant.)

I hope your doing better!!

No, im way to impacient to learn how to play an instrument lols



Does this include everything producing music?

Like this

Disclaimer. Not my video.


Yes. Played piano for 20 years and oboe for 5 years. Haven’t played either in a long while now though.

No clue. I haven’t made an updated planner yet. :eyes:


100 years dungeon :triumph:
I am glad you’re ok though, you had me worried. Another 50 years dungeon for that.

Nope, never had the attention span to learn one (add/adhd)

currently the plan is 596 but I’ll need to check my timers since I don’t think the fort planner is updated with the lv 75 discounts yet so I may put a few more levels onto a new mage tower or into my perch depending on how many timers this will actually cost me. So maybe 597. I wish there were prizes past 16m, it’s really hard to justify going over when you’re not getting anything

j/k take your time



  • Have you ever had any experience with a musical instrument?
    Nope, I have tried to play many…like anything that makes noise…but I have never been able to get my brain, hands, feet, and breathing on the same page.
  • Which level are you going to this event?
    I dont think i will go up a single level…unless there are new towers or tower levels I am unaware of.

Don’t think I’ll level up much this event😂need to get my storage up to speed

I have been playing flute for about 10 years. Tried clarinet but it wasn’t my type of instrument🥲. I’ve also tried the organ for fun once.

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Uhh knowing me like -10 levels lol. Will hit 8.5M points minimum and I’ll go from there


Several actually. Music runs in my family. My favorite is the piano though.

:face_with_monocle: not sure how much I’m building actually.

  1. Yep! Both the piano and clarinet. I started the piano when I was 6, but dropped it when I was 15 (in year 10) due to having a lot of other things going on, and not enough time to practise.

The clarinet, I started in year 5, like everyone else doing instrumental music, and kept going through to year 12. I play both from time to time these days (there’s nothing quite like smashing out a Beethoven!), and I’m hoping to rejoin a band at some stage, when everything is a little less hectic!

  1. Hoping to hit level 500!
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I leant Fur Elise on the piano as a kid of primary school age, my dad taught me by rote memory (can’t read sheet music at all)


Quick one, usually there are 3 forts a season and the tower upgrade is 2,3,0 for 5 levels in a season.

Since this season has 4 forts does that make it 2,3,0,0 or does it just start earlier ( 2,3,0,2 ) with next season 3,0 0 ?


All fall seasons have 4 forts, all spring seasons have 4 breedings and Winter and Summer have 7 pvps. Theres no new towers this week, then week 11 is breeding when the artisans go mythic and then week 13 is when 132s come out (Gal confirmed this a while ago)


Perfect thanks very much :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure how many timers I should save for the last week this helps with my planning.

So next season will it cap out at 135 on the first fort and then nothing for the last 2 forts?


Next season tier 20 should drop around week 10 (If they’re maintaining the same cycle) which would mean 137s should probably come out week 12.


Does constantly going to the ESP guitar museum/shop and having fun with the same guitars my favourite musicians are playing on stage counts? :joy: (or just holding real ones when the owner lets me to touch them :heart_eyes:) I can’t play though, only basic chords… :cry:

I stopped doing planning maybe a year ago, I don’t see the point anymore. I just guesstimate the amount of timers I have and set the threshold I’m going to (these days mostly either 8,5M or 11M) and just not overkilling it. Doubt it’ll be more than 3 levels though

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Had to learn an instrument in school as part of the curriculum. That aside, I have and still play guitar and bass, bought a ukulele but never dedicated much time to it and most often, in the past few years, train my voice.

I’m at a level (and not a spender) where I don’t think much about that as a goal. Looking to get close to finishing 15 max towers so I can start transforming and merging to increase DP/strategic options.


I’m currently in high school and I had to play the ukulele for music

I’m to lazy to do the calcs so whatever level 1 mil points gets me


Hopefully I’ll hit 571 so not very exciting.

I played drums at school, a little bit of guitar but mostly I played turntables.

Drum n bass, breaks and hard house were my fave but I would do progressive trance and vomit top 100 pop for nightclubs much to my disgust ;p . I was an older school DJ and learned how to scratch and beat match on vinyl before moving to electronic records (Traktor) with various sampling boards.

Although been lazy and haven’t played anything in years :stuck_out_tongue: