Strangely low glory rewards

Is this a bug, or is this normal? I had thought glory was fairly strongly coordinated with enemy troop losses. However, in this series of attacks, i recieved a remerkably low amount of glory in the attacks from one player. How is glory calculated? If you loose a lot of troops, does it cut your glory down to almost nothing?

Edit: @PGDave can you explain how this worked?

Edit #2: I am level 110. The DraksKingdom player is level 220, JesusIsTheKing player is level 118, and UnitedDragons is level 310. The Draks Kingdom player took 3 dragons to clear my base, with me defending. I missed the defense for the JesusIsTheKing attack, but defended both times against UnitedDragons, who cleared my base with one dragon both times. I am not sure if any of that information would make a difference in glory, but it is there if needed.

Player level now matters, if they’re lower to the point that they would never take your base, then it severely reduces glory

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What Enigma said. Before you attack the percentage you see is how much glory you will be scaled down by for both team influence and player level.

Player level is easy. Over 70% your level to get 100%. I haven’t seen team scaling but I think it’s probably the same thing with team influence.

It was a level 310 player hitting me, a level 110

so a level 310 achilles, attacks a lvl 110 deranged and the glory payout is that bad for the low player.

looks like attack occurred in red zone.

and not sure but looks like united dragons should have higher atlas rating than nightsangels.

stuff does not look like it adds up

Here’s the announcement post for the glory changes.

The funny part, nothing in the post talks about what happens to the defender if the attacker is over leveled… You might need to ask Egg Token if they actually thought that through. :rofl:

Yes but what did the percentage show? It was probably scaled down due to the team rank. Which will apply even to 300+ players.

Edit: sorry reread what you said. You were the defender. Must be a bug…

75% of troops killed, limited by 150% of troops lost.

Which is then scaled down by player level and team… defender is SUPPOSED to always get full glory I thought. And you should get full glory for attacking bigger. (Scaling is only supposed to happen when you attack down below 70% of your level)

611 vs 1300, you should have gotten 458 glory since 1300 is way bigger. And since you are the defender glory scaling shouldn’t be happening. I’m going to guess it is

If you click on a member of that team what percentage glory does it show you?

I am not sure where their teams are in atlas. I just traveled to a random NML zone and parked my Rusher there to get glory. All the players that attacked me were well above my level, though.

Edit: except for the sieger. That was near me in level.

So to get max glory you need a few things

  1. the teams that are involved in the fight have to be in near similar influence

Whichever team has a much higher influence will not get much G

  1. the level ranges have to be within certain limits to get max G

  2. fight outcome

The caveats are the following
A) the defender will always get the potential to generate max g points as long as they are in a territory they have owned for more than 24h, if they are either in a nml or enemy territory the influence calc will kick in, followed by the level calc

B) the attacker will never get max g points if they are many levels bigger than the target they pick on

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Well, UnitedDragons is two subleagues above mine, and they have been around in atlas for at least several months, so I suspect they have at least similar influence to my team, if not better. So that leaves battle outcome and player level. Since they were 200 levels higher than me, I suspect the level requirement should not have reduced any glory. So that leaves that glory payouts are altered by a factor of 98% because of the difference between 3 flames vs. 5 flames in an atlas attack. That does not make much sense to me.

So, in conclusion, I am pretty sure something is broken. With a cursory examination of the glory payouts, it appears that the “anti-grieving” mechanism is cutting both ways. Not only is a high level attacker not recieving much glory when hitting a lower player, or at least I assume that part is working, the lower player appears to also be penalized the same amount. This does not make much sense to me. If this was actually the way this was designed, @PGDave , please consider altering this mechanism. If it is a bug, do I need to file a ticket, or is reporting it to you here going to be sufficient?

Something is broken not getting glory for hitting anything other than KingPins.
I have attacks from NML, and from levels 50 to 380…
0 GP for everything.

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