Stream Notes: Remaining Harbingers


  • twitch: art preview
    • Wednesday, 5/2, 3 PM - 4 PM Pacific / 11 PM - 12 AM GMT
  • facebook live: spellkit reveal
    • Thursday, 5/3, 2 PM - 2:30 PM Pacific / 10 PM - 10:30 PM GMT
  • YouTube Gaming: recap
    • Friday, 5/4, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Pacific / 11:30 PM - 12:30 AM GMT


  • Lokan, Legendary Dark Hunter
  • Opes, Legendary Fire Sorcerer
  • Keth, Mythic Dark Hunter
  • Rajin, Mythic Wind Sorcerer
  • Spell Details - no stats until blog post next week Tuesday
  • Atlas Topography & Art
  • Misc

Lokan, Legendary Dark Hunter


Opes, Legendary Fire Sorcerer


Keth, Mythic Dark Hunter


Rajin, Mythic Wind Sorcerer


Spells Detail

  • no stats (damage percentages, duration, etc.) until blog post next week Tuesday
  1. Absorb Magic (one of three new spells) on Opes & Rajin

    • trying to bring sorcerers into a more even playing field with hunters
    • vulnerable to cannon and ice flak supers (as in these super shots get rid of the spell)
  2. Leech Essence (upgraded & hunter-based Steal Essence-based spell) - note that resulting spells do still cost rage

  • Note the disclaimer that Leech Essence tower -> spell combos may still change
  1. Soul Devour

Atlas Topography & Art

Click to show art :D


  • Lawson & Reive intros at the beginning and how they got into the gaming industry/their roles & this season’s favorite dragon
  • balanced number of element in Harb tier
  • lore readings that’ll be in posts later
  • PGJared was getting PGReive to answer dad jokes/puns
  • PGLawson comes up with the lore and enjoys worldbuilding; he works with the art dept on dragon themes and works with their pitches
  • PGLawson on mythic parents: tried to make breeding paths fairly open, so that the mythics wouldn’t require jumping through a bunch of hoops - will use at least one parent that’s already been released
  • 40 minutes in, they go more in depth into Atlas regions
  • Dragons were GPF-tested, and they try to put out as much as they can to the GPF + GPF shoutout
  • Changing spell kits of old dragons would take additional work/time/testing - not a never but not a soon either.
  • PGLawson confirmed that any spells from Essence-type spells will benefit from the applicable rune/glyph - e.g. Freeze on Steal Essence works with Freeze runes and glyphs.
  • fb: winners for 3rd anniversary and forums contest will be announced on the stream or forums soonish
  • fb: Reive/Lawson intro & dad jokes start pre-stream
  • fb: They also go through suggestions on flying the dragons and how to combine spells/prioritize towers and design decisions
  • fb: The dragons are mostly ready, but they’ll be shown off next week.

Rajin’s looks remind me of Anapa :t_rex:

2 of them? Haha

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I have to make dark gear now don’t I… please tell me the mystic hunter has a White spell.

Spell kits won’t be out until tomorrow on the facebook stream, but the new steal essence-based spell would make it more adaptable.

If we are going back to the awesome whale / cons era of skill needed to fly a dragon and base setup needed to break a dragon. I would be soo happy. Noc and hauheset are getting redundant as leads. They are amazing I would just like to see more useful WAR DRAGONS!

None of the new dragons do as well as them (except ofcourse fomhar he’s awesome).


The fact that this is an ‘official note’ from the stream is making my day. :joy:


I was debating whether or not to add the random stuff but why not :see_no_evil:; people will just have to rewatch the other ones to see what they missed :smiling_imp:


I love it, ForSci. :green_heart:

Editing for the green heart, of course. :slight_smile:


She likes green hearts…


I was wondering when they would do a spell like this…

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What’s interesting about this spell, is it encourages you to use a sorcerer first for that “rage drain” island

Who would you take with you to a desert island?

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While i agree its interesting, i’m going to go through and elaborate a bit with a tweak.

This is a harbinger dragon meant to go against L350+ bases correct? At that level i doubt people would still have a dedicated rage drain, you are getting into 15 max tower territory around this time. So it will be a full short island instead of mages.

But i think this dragon is going to teach defenders of higher level bases that you can’t simply just apply supershots to mages and walk away, you are going to need to see the attacking dragon BEFORE applying all supershots and apply them strategically. We are going to have to TEACH our defenders on our teams this crucial role or else the defenders will just heal the attacker lol. So interesting dynamic to break apart the monotonous defense meta of supershot mages then hammer time


@pg these are the best dragons you guys have released in a LONG TIME!

Thank you sincerely, everyone that flies hunters. (I didn’t look at the sorcerers cuz well… who cares anyways)

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The second bulletpoint has its counter - cannon supershot shatters it just like it would any shield-type spell (invincibility, northern lights, elemental barrier, various explosive shields, etc.) and ice flak super, which disables any duration spells (shields, damage buffs, etc).

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Lol I read it as the opposite :man_facepalming:

Not sure I like the leech essence spell conversions. Don’t seem like an upgrade at all.

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Deathgaze and Consume are good additions, but Stoneform is a bad joke.

I feel like leech essence is a lazy addition…if soul devour increased attack power as well it would make things better.