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He does make a good perch dragon :slight_smile:


I checked yesterday stream and it says Nal level 50 and combat lvl 5295, I can PM you a screen shot.


The combat level is what allows him to go on different missions. It doesn’t necessarily reflect what boosts his gear is providing. You defense rider has a combat level, but the boosts would be mostly irrelevant for combat. (Unless for some strange reason you put offensive gear on the defensive rider.)

But I read my PMs – send me whatever you would like.


@PGCrisis I was personally deeply offended when you mentioned that Huitzil had a powerful array of spells at his disposable while flying him in that stream. The base layout was terrible, and the dragon was boosted as much as it possibly could be (30% boosts, veteran rider gear, season runes, etc.) while the base had nothing. Not only do bases have access to the same 30% boosts that dragons do, but they also get rider buffs and rune buffs. When they are defended, they also have access to yet another attack and defense boost which pushes the tower strength beyond that of most dragons and access to hammers.

So many people are saying that despite the improvements PG believes they made to Huitzil regarding player feedback it still isn’t good enough. I can’t tell you how many players say Huitzil dies at 7% against their base. This is supposed to be the Summer Season MYTHIC. It should be phenomenal especially if PG wants to capitalize on the fact that it is Summer. Instead of being a fierce Warrior, it’s basically a kitten. And I honestly don’t think any of the other season dragons make up for it. None of them are particularly good. At all. The riders are good but they aren’t game changing. This season has been a flop.

There hasn’t even been a response regarding Huitzil still being looked at. As far as I know, the decision is finalized. Let’s assume that the dragon WAS released at the intended 6% explosive aegis damage for a second. Then the update to increase it to 10% and buff the runes happened. it STILL isn’t strong enough to do anything. Please continue looking into this. Conducting tests on PG servers against bases like the one on the most recent twitch stream are not accurate or reliable. It’s absolutely absurd to think that is an effective baseline for establishing power balance in the game. Many games will have the ACTUAL players test new content to test for bugs or things that do not work properly because game developers tend to be extremely out of touch with the game they develop for. They are rarely among the best or most skilled players. I’m not trying to be rude or dilute anyone’s achievements or skill within the game (I’m certainly not the best) but I don’t need to be the best at the game to say that the method of testing dragons and towers is absurd; the same way you don’t need to be a sous chef to say that a meal is bad, or a film director to say that a movie is bad.

All the players want is some trust from their game developers. We know that there will always be quirks when things first come out and may need some changes but the treatment of this problem has been far from professional and the community is outraged because of both the problem and the way it was/is being handled. Please reconsider.

Edit: Would be good to see dragons featured against well designed bases possibly with defenders or at least on an even playing field. For an initial preview, the current method is okay but to get a quality measure of new game content for the players, flying against a live base (or as close to one as possible) should be used.

Edit 2: TL;DR still salty about Huitzil, but the way dragon showcases are structured on streams, or tower/rider showcases as well is also not as good as it could be OVERALL.


:grin: A rainbow breathing dragon is :heart:


There’s two conversations going on here; one about streams, and one about Huitzil. Since this is leaning more on the streaming side, I’m going to rename the thread.

If you’d like to continue discussing Huitzil, there are other threads that would be best to post in.


Fair enough, but one was closed recently and the other hasn’t been graced with the presence of a PG employee in 10 days so evidently player complaints/feedback or whatever you wish to call it APPEARS to be falling on deaf ears.


Dont show new dragons, riders, etc on the test server. Once they have been released, show them on the live server (don’t know if this was on test server or not, don’t care either).

Fly against REAL player bases, where real players can defend. Don’t recreate bases. You will miss something, research, runes, etc.


Since the topic is now “Streaming Suggestions,” I would like to see another stream where @PGCrisis and @Arelyna defend our attacks on a maxed base.


If this is the only thing you found in my post that mattered, I am deeply offended. In my post I was saying I hoped nothing bad ever came to this game and wanted this game to continue and WAS CONCERNED. If that was a rumor I deeply apologize for spreading it. However, in my point of veiw my trust in the community is greater than in PG’s right now, and I hope you understand with all this commotion happening. And obviously you didn’t read my second part saying that it’s psychology since threading a angry customer by closing the thread is the worst move you can make.

AND if you say my comment doesn’t belong in this thread, I would politely say that is false because all I’m doing is replying to your comment and that this message would make no sense in any other thread.

P.S. this message is a bit passive aggressive but as you can see much “nicer in tone” than other posts which I would advise to use. Of course customers are allowed to be mad because something unjust happened to them. But the company has zero reason to be threatening or angry. And Finally this message is positive critism for you to Help you if you can’t see that… well that’s sad. To end this off all I’m asking for is just to include words like please, sorry, apologize in your post without the word but following it.


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Or at least not for the right people. :wink:


Since this thread seems to be leaning toward alcohol perhaps it should be renamed…?

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@PGCrisis how big of you to skim right past all of the important topics and concerns addressed here and go right for the one comment in the thread that you can sink a hook in and try to negate the importance of the whole post. Yall arent addressing problems. You arent fixing issues, you are spending your time defending your companies character… news flash. The lights in th building are on and we see all the cockroaches. There is no excuse and many of your playerbase refuse to continue to fund your game until you drop the act. Yall need an overhaul and to go to church and ask for forgiveness for how you have treated YOUR CUSTOMERS. The sad thing is… it would be easy to fix the issue. I stayed up last night watching Kitchen nightmares and the first thing ramsey always had to get through the cooks head is. Your food sucks. Thats why you have so many complaints. Clean out your fckin fridge, use good ingredients, apply some passion and give a fck. If you do… boom… its easier to have a successful restaurant/business. If you just want to squeeze blood out of a turnip while the ship is sinking, keep doing what you are doing… but your standard issue duct tape and bailing wire wont fix this PG. Yall need to look yourself in the mirror and own up to the bullshit customer service and fix it. FiX it … turn this ship around… stop waving at us as you flush us down the toilet. Be honest and candid about how you opperate and what the plans are. Stop with all this shennanigans and for gods sake


Damn how nice would it be to be treated like a paying customer again… than to be made to feel lucky we got the chance to be bent over by your poor business practices…

Go ahead ignore all the important issues we need to discuss and just close the thread down in a huff Again… prove me right!


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