Stronger Defense

I would like to talk a little bit about the defense of power of the towers. The only way for us to make levels is by fortification. So you’re forcing us to build our towers but why. Every time you come out with more powerful dragons and they’re able to be the basis that we have built. Then you play games with the power of the different towers by leveling them down and then leveling back up in decreasing the power increasing the power. A lot of excitement for me comes in defending people that are trying to attack me I was doing about a 50% rate .

Now I can’t even beat us simple couple of dragons that come to attack. Let’s do something about making some of these towers a little bit more powerful to give people a chance to play defense. I think interned at all also make people think about protecting their bases as well as building there dragons.

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:disappointed: try proof reading so maybe we can comprehend what you’re attempting to convey.

You should read @mechengg base building guide and watch @coach base building video. I don’t have a problem taking down garnets with my level 139 base. Emeralds sometimes too.

They reverted the flak and turrets back to their original powers. :slight_smile:

Try again and you should see better results than last week

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