Strongest seasonal mythic PG ever released

Assume all dragons are of Verdant tier, current iteration (post nerf/buff). I will post other stuff like the most fun dragon ever released later on ( dont wanna spam ). I know some of you get mad at polls but hey, it’s just for the sake of fun!

  • Pathox
  • Ronon
  • Narlyth
  • Noctarn
  • Hauhezen
  • Naja
  • Namaka
  • UVS
  • Gig
  • Meglok
  • Danav
  • Lockjaw
  • Kinnarus
  • Corthanak
  • Surt
  • Zenko
  • Fafnir

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the strongest will always change as new tiers release though.

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too long list to discuss , PG killed many of these names and many of them was fail at begining and never get the buffs that they deserved .
And many of them was strongest in their times.
Better ask which skill set was strongest maybe, then i can say Noct ,Narly… Best Atlas dragon in its times is Pathox for me

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If you mean for when released then prenerfed Surt

Current iteration so it depends on how it is rn

Poor ronin… having its name wrong as ronon. :sob:


Its fate is sealed.

Then that doesnt really work since new stuff will be better than old. New dragons are designed for the current meta. Kinnarus was a beast in her day but today she’d be terrible

So the answer would be HauZ

I dont think so, for eg: verdant pathox is better than verdant fafnir for eg, or even noctarn!

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:eyes: This topic is kinda meaningless IMO, as

  • Different players may have different preferences for dragons. (e.g. Noctarn sucks for those unable to fly them, yet strong in the right hand)
  • Even if a dragon wins, it’s still inferior due to progress cap (there’s no Verdant Pathox, etc)


This might be better poll IMO


Its just for pure fun and curiosity. You might as well say the whole game is meaningless and you would be right.


Definitely not, Surt wouldn’t survive the Naja meta and in no way can hit as high up.

Who is ronon? Also you missed the “I’m only here because of the results” option :rofl:

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Narlyth I picked

Pre Nurf Surt? He would have survived, post nerf, ehhhhh…

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Danav is the best, can’t change my mind.

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I haven’t seen Danav post buff yet, but have you seen chunk? That thing is insane!


Exotic status imo. Deserves a whole new class.

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