Strongest seasonal mythic PG ever released

Legendary at Orange

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It’s a mystic​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

All i want is a Verdant Stone for my loved Narlyth. The most fabulous funniest powerful insane awesome beautiful hunter ever created.

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I’m kinda astounded faf got no votes. Sure she wasn’t the strongest (Gig exists and so did surt) but compared to most of the others being chosen I’m kinda shocked.

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Mindless dribble. Don’t we have more underlying issues we can highlight?

Lol yeah , faf’ny is lot better than kinnarus … know kinnarus was great dragon at the time of release, but it will die quickly now even it is at verdant tier.

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:expressionless: I’m very bothered you had to spell Ronin wrong



Narlyth the bomb

Do you think Narlyth can hit higher than Hauhezen, or are you also considering speed?

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At tier Zen is pretty fast.

I gotta say it’s Naja only weakness was ice flak Naja reminds me kingdra when it first came out on Pokemon only weakness was dragon type moves