Stronghold: Mini-event focused on base design and defense

Most events focus on the dragon piloting skills. Good base design kind of brings benefits all around when it is there, but it lacks measurable visibility, so too many people are either ignorant or dismissive of it.

It would be nice to have a solo mini-event, like Assault, but with focus on bases instead of dragons. Let the player’s base be attacked by hordes of various dragons run by auto-pilot drones, as well as some matched real attackers. Measure how many attacks each base counters or fails.

Consider several cases, perhaps scored in separate nominations:

  • undefended
  • supershots only
  • full defense

Scale the attackers and the score to the player’s base level, so that the skill-based scores of L40 and L600 can be perhaps not equal but comparable. Run a global leaderboard as well.

Maybe this could do something to improve the rather poor quality of the average base layout and defense skills. But more importantly, I think it would be a fun new perspective for a competition.


The base is already a very important point at all times. On atlas in the top 100. If you go to attack a castle with a rotten base you will be sure to kill before you have finished your attack. A taunter, a trapper defended on an attack or def on atlas is already a huge gain. In PVP a rotten base can tip a team because if it is classified in point but badly organized it will be the target of the whole team opposite.


We are kind of saying the same thing.

Yes, but did you look at the bases in Platinum league lately? And which percentage of players are in top 100 and below? There is some natural progression, as the most active players move up and adjust, but it would benefit everyone to learn earlier, and it would make the game more interesting at all levels.

Sounds good, but we have a problem.
Base is much easier to be automated than dragons. Set bases with strong tower, have it on auto ss, and that’s all.

On the other hand, dragon is much more complex. Slight difference in location or time can change the result a lot.

Therefore, unless we can copy at least one elite pilot here (with perfect precision), it’ll be too easy mostly.

tl,dr. Dragon AI is overestimated here.

That’s true, so it would also need some matching algorithm as well, so that the strongest bases would also get a chance to be hit by strong real attackers. Maybe something like a short-term tournament system with Elo rating.

On the other hand, even the rudimentary autopilot PG already has, can sort out a lot of the bases who have e.g. 30-40 towers all 20+levels below max for their base level. And given higher tier or buffed up dragons, the same autopilot can also be useful to roughly rank stronger bases.

yes but if everything is automated to generate the ranking … what do we do during this event?

Defend, try different layouts, and attack others to help estimate their accurate defense rank.

If it runs alongside Fortification, maybe even build or upgrade something.