Stuck in Atlas Tutorial


The portal did not appear for me in the tutorial (I know from screenshots where it should be - but it isn’t there) so I cannot complete the tutorial. Can you please either reset the tutorial or skip me through it so I can join my team. @PGDave @pgEcho thank you

A teammate has posted in Atlas forum but I don’t have access to that part of the forum yet. Support ticket 453654 has also been submitted.

Done. Thanks!

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Thank you!

I am also stuck on portal. I click on it and go to move and says follow directions

I am having the same problem. I click to move and it says follow the instructions. can you please reset this

I also have a teammate with this same issue, ticket number 453974. @pgEcho @PGDave

@pgEcho some of my teammates are also stuck at this point!
(first) ticket number: 453996
there will be some more numbers later today, hope you can help us asap
two more ticket numbers with the same issue:

Sorry for the issues with the escape portal from the tutorial region! We found the cause of the issue, but it’s of the nature where it cannot be simply hotfixed and requires a new version update. The portal is technically there, but invisible :confused:. Support will need to manually skip it for folks on this step until our next update.

so we need to open ig tickets? and than we can give you the ticket number? because on german support we only get autoreplys🤷🏻‍♂️

The initial response is just a confirmation that they’ve received the ticket; we get it for the English helpdesk too :slight_smile: , unless there’s no further action after the auto-reply for day :see_no_evil:

i know, but we ONLY get the auto reply… you can wait one ore two days… nothing… that’s why i’m asking here…

Players should always open an in-game ticket for these issues, and not rely on asking for help on the forums. This enables the team to check each issue to make sure there are no other issues that need to be examined and fixed, and we will have record of the ask.

I have the same problem :confounded::smirk:

One more teammate with this problem ticketnr 454773
Still no reaction from German support so please can you help

Hi pgEcho,

same here…
Request ID #454105 issued on Nov 27 11:30 PM PST no response by Support right now

other teammate
Request ID #455217 issued earlier today

May you please skip the tutorial for them

Many thanks in advance


I’m having the same issue, claim submitted yesterday.


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