Stuck in tutorial

I’m stuck in atlas tutorial for over a week! I sent messages to support but got no answer! I need to get out so I can get my invite banner back! Please help! @PGJared can you help me?

What’s your ticket number? I’ll take a look and see what’s going on.

I have no ticket number. Never got a reply from support…

How did you contact support? There’s an auto-reply to all generated tickets, so I’m a bit worried there. Can you walk me through the steps you took?

I sent message to support. And it said your message is received. After that I heard nothing.

How did you send the message? Walk me through the steps you took.

I clicked the support banner. And then send message. The banner that you see when you get mail from pg

The support banner? Do you mean the help button in the top-right corner of system mail?

If you’re on android, you’ll likely need to check the email tied to your PocketID to be able to retrieve the ticket number :frowning:

Edit: Ah, thought it was in-game :see_no_evil:

I’m on iOS

So this is from an email you received? Did it open up a mail client for you? What email address was it pointed towards? If it was an email, you should have something in your sent mails folder, right?

It did yes. With my ig in it as well

Okay, so it was through a mail client. What email address did it point to?

I have it in my sent mail. I have reached pg like this before so I have no idea why I’m not getting a respond

Well, it’s very likely that the link sent you to our old support site, which was sunset on November 15th. You wouldn’t receive an answer in that case as that site is dead.

Can you tell me the email address you see in your sent mail?

To a gmail account. I don’t wanna write down my email address here if you don’t mind

I’m not asking for your email. I’m asking for the email that you sent to. If I know what email address you sent to, I can track it down to see if it pointed in the right direction or not.