Stuck @ Old Base

I turned rogue and burned or maimed friends to pursue lifelong ambitions of becoming a Pirate Dragon. My ascension cannot be fulfilled til my chains are cut and old ties severed.

I can’t do anything can’t attack, can’t train, can’t summon…

is this just a weird take on “atlas doesn’t work”?

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I’m in character… were all playing with dragons :metal:

Don’t you get it? I changed teams and am stuck at the old base.

seems like you still have your home in one of the old castles? can you not set home in a neutral castle now?

You are the pirate :pirate_flag:, the freedom, the chaos and destruction :boom:
Break through all the barriers, I suggest you smash your the phone/table too, that will fulfill your deepest desire :smiling_imp:

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No primearch, can’t summon one, says base conquered by OLDTEAM.

Cause you have your home in your old teams castle, click on a neutral castle and set home there instead.

No option to set home @ other places.

I’m shutting other eye and going back to sleep. Thx for trying.

ah, have you tried a support ticket then?

Argh new treasure, where be the map?

Where do I open a ticket? or you can do it through the game, settings > help.