Stuck on guardian load screen


Several people on my team have had issues, ranging in intensity, where when they’re trying to get past the initial temple splash art, they keep being kicked out of the temple. The game says that the web page is no longer responding and it refreshes. I had one person who, after 30 min of trying to get in, was told it’d take 8 energy to attack a guardian she hadn’t even been able to attack yet.

Support has been drastically unhelpful, with replies ranging from, “Have you tried closing the game?” and “You need to tap that screen to get past it.” All of those were tried countless times before support was even contacted.

These temples are on a timer and they are a significant portion of team points. If people are unable to attack, that hurts the team as a whole (not to mention the players personal score).


@Arelyna @Crisis Can anything be done about errors like this? It’s horrible to miss out on a limited time window event because your version of the game isn’t working right.


My alt have same problem with temple guardian (PVE). Every one attack i have to restart game because that error and it took more than 1 hr to clean all guardians. Please fix this error. Thanks


i gave up after 20 min of waiting for anything to load… I’ve restarted… only option is to reinstall but when I had to do that at start of event to get rubies it took me 2 hours… not a chance I will get the chance for any attacks in our current temple.


A few of my teammates are having the same issue for the last 25 minutes or so. Clock is ticking on their window of opportunity to attack…

Edit: Ticket submitted.


If they have not already, please have them submit a ticket. I have a ticket open to our engineers for investigation.

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Thanks. Will do after work. Happy friday


I already submitted a Ticket yesterday about this issue :roll_eyes: obviously no one can help :woman_facepalming: Send screenshots and all. We are already in the middle and I wanna Fight for the Avatar :pensive:


I’m pretty sure the middle island isn’t timed :slight_smile: so hopefully PG will be able to fix things for you in time for you to earn an avatar.

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