Stuck on Raid Button

i did one attack. Then it shows a raid button which freezes the game. Cant attack. Anyone else having this problem.

(edit: yes i know its a tutorial. my point is that clicking does nothing and the game is frozen)



Mine too! This is getting way past ridiculous! I sent in a ticket and twice they asked where in Atlas I was having probs? Omg! I event sent screen shots!

This is the tutorial. Click the raid button and let it go through its little intro and then you can attack again.


Same! PvP is PoS!!
Mine takes me nowhere. “Adds” 125 points (not really), but then nothing else happens.

Ah, OK…you have to click to use Inner Fire, whether you want to or not. Then you can cancel and move on.
Obvious really?? :grin:

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It’s a tutorial. Do it and it moves on.

I did that but will sure try it again! Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes i know its a tutorial. When i click nothing happens and the game is frozen.

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I did have to go in and out of the game several times. Plus I got a server error page that was just lovely. And the usual points lag.

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Multiple reports of glitches, lots of lag, players having to relog. Tiles not updating. 0 for 3 event wise.

ty ty @DoctorOrpheus

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I see you have cake! How lovely :blush:

ok so i went back in and out. clicked the stupid raid button like 10 times. finally went to next screen where it froze again.

and the stupid uploader says pic is too big lol

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I had to uninstall/reinstall and now I was able to do the tutorial. This is so old. :disappointed:

I’m sorry. I see up a little on this string that someone says you need to hit the ‘use inner fire’ button too during the raid tutorial? Maybe that will help. :hugs:

Yeah. I think it was just lag. I went in and out a bunch of times. Mashed all the raid and inner fire buttons dozens of times and it finally went through.

@Arelyna This is three laggy buggy event starts in a row. At least 6 members of my team had issues

We pushed a fix a little bit ago. Glad to hear that it is working alright for you @DukeScalia1

The raid button is now gone from the event, by the way.

I can confirm. The raid button is now gone. :frowning:

Can you try again?

Raid is back for me.

Seems to be OK now. Thanks.