Stupid question

Have PG removed the pearls used to upgrade perches as well as the dragon armours , as I have not seen either in ages unless I have just missed them

No, they’re not gone, just very rare. I think they drop in gold chests during Fortification events. :t_rex:

Weird though as the pearls were part of the prizes not some rare chest drop.

About a year ago they were part of prizes, you would get 25/50/100/200/300 as you went up the prize tier very similar in amount to sigils if I’m not mistaken.

They were removed after the first few months IIRC

Armor is gone, the Pearls are hard to get… and not worth it unless you are quite high in dragons

Well one guy in another thread wants the pearls gone too :woman_facepalming:

So I wonder if the percentages are really not revolving as made to appear…I get too many pearls…

I’d love to take some off your hands if I could :upside_down_face:

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If I could I would lol. Perches aren’t economically viable to upgrade during fortification events and there are always higher priorities outside of fortification. I keep wondering why I get so many. Lol

Hell share them would u lol. I haven’t seen one in months

It’s the nature of “random.”

Any one sample that is not about 300 gold chests will not be representative.

There is also cognitive bias. People who need something will notice more every time they don’t get it. People would do not need something will notice more when they do get it.

The percentages posted are exactly what they indicate. Each chest has that chance to be the listed drop. Since it is digital, and the RNG resets for each chest (very fast Ofc), you could get 10 pearl drops. It would be extremely unlikely, but it’s not impossible…

Just use the formula for the legendary gear I gave for crafting. Sure, you may get three in one pull… But it’s very unlikely you will get three in two consecutive pulls. And we’re starting to approach the “so unlikely it won’t happen in your lifetime” to get three from three pulls in a row.

Ofc, I say that, and then someone probably has had that happen… Probability and chance are fickle like that. :man_shrugging:


Promise, the day I spend 4k rubies and get only Pearl’s, I’m quitting in that moment… deleting game and all

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They are still in chests unfortunately :expressionless::unamused:

It is very unfortunate that this is the only place they can be found. :+1:

Although, I doubt that was what you meant.

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I’m getting them all the time,instead of something,which I really need
Sitting on 27k and I don’t need them
Maybe PG should balance drop better
I wish I could share them with anyone,who needs them

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