Sub League Prizes

This week our team was promoted to P1.

Teammate: hey arent we in P1 shouldn’t we be getting better event prizes here?
Me: yes, yes we should

Can someone please poke the one lone developer sitting over in the corner that hasn’t been assigned to Atlas and get them to fix this please?



in short: make the prize in platinum 1 better than platinum 2 and so on?

PGDave is mostly responsible for Atlas. You should maybe tag Crisis or Arelyna for general questions or Jared for new suggestions.
Maybe @TheRedDelilah can give some insight on this matter aswell, she made the league restructure proposal that also had sub league prize scaling in it but that part was never implemented by PG.


Yeah I just linked my old thread where I incorrectly tagged Dave. The fact is this was supposed to happen as the second part of the league restructure and it never has. Teams in P1 should have more of a benefit to P2 than 50 daily egg tokens (just for example). The way it is now encourages sandbagging and just doesn’t correctly reward teams for the extra effort required to go to higher leagues.

Perhaps the GPF can bring this up. Are we supposed to give up on this? @TheRedDelilah ?


Due to the NDA that I’ve signed, I cannot comment on this subject at this time.

I am pretty sure that the subleagues were a pet project of Red’s, including different subleague prizes. Rest assured I do not think she has forgetten about them :joy:


Due to the sheer number of hours I spent on it, this would be a very logical assumption.


This would be one of those things where it’d be nice if the developers, or whoever heads up the GPF, would give the community a periodic update at what is being looked at by the GPF. I think I may have mentioned periodic updates before :thinking:

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I’ll keep spam hammering away then :joy:

Also I was not implying you forgot about them, simply that PG threw it in the too hard basket. Which is ridiculous.


I’ve put my F’ing soul into this game and have brought up this topic so many F’ing times that my soul is now crushed. But I will continue to FIGHT! Yes We Can!

(obviously I totally made this up…)


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