Sub-League Rewards


Now we have the new forum I don’t want this to be forgotten. This part of the league restructure STILL hasn’t been implemented and who knows how long it will be. I would really like some feedback from PG please about a timeline for this. @PGDave

Sub League Prizes

Well from the huge response I guess people don’t care about this. Ok then, moving on…


I agree with this. There is no benefit for making your team work harder for the same prizes in plat 1 vs plat 4. Doesn’t make sense to split them if you’re not going to prize accordingly.


Not sure how I missed this before but subleague prizing is utterly illogical at the moment. Knowing you got worse prizes than someone in a lower subleague who faced less competition is aggravating to say the least. Is it still on the road map to fix this? @Arelyna


Hey hey it’s only been little over a day :joy:
So yeah, I’m with you on this, the sub-league prizes need to be adjusted.

The last admin I’ve seen adjusting league related prizing was dragontamer, seems like he doesn’t have an account on this forum yet :thinking:


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