Sub-Officers be add to the game


Hello I’m making a suggestion that pg add subofficers to the game and that they will be able to remind on wars and events and invite new players to the team just not ne able to players off the team


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So all the roles of officers, including event targeting/strat notes, just not kicking? What about atlas?


I’d recommend the ability to target castles, but probably not governor like status on all castles.


too many cooks in the kitchen :eyes:


They could just increase the number of officers from 5 to 8.


Just because we can nominate 8 officers it doesn’t mean that we should.

A chilled team in lower leagues can operate perfectly with less trustworthy officers, whereas higher league teams could use a few extra hands. Fluctuation can be higher at times, but responsible leaders don’t promote rookies on their second day (normally).


I really like this idea.

Add the ability to tag maybe 3-5 non-officer “Event Commanders” who can tag targets or write the team strategy box for PVP events but don’t have privileges to kick or admit members etc. The tag is inherently temporary and it automatically expires after the PVP event, and then new commanders tagged for the next event.


There’s nothing requiring a team to have the maximum number of officers. Just because one team may be fine with just 3 or 4 doesn’t mean another shouldn’t be allowed 5 or 8. Just one good reason for more than five is that coverage across time zones is a good thing. It’s nice to allow people to have lives so they don’t have to be on 24/7.


I actually agreed with you, so let me rephrase myself:

Followed by the second part, which I do not wish to echo. :slight_smile:


Oh, my bad, I thought you didn’t. Nevermind then! Nothing to see here. Move along. :policeman:


Yes marking targets in pvp would be a good idea to


I never understood why pg limits the amount of officers we can have?? We should be able to name as many as we deem useful


Doesn’t influence me - I still have four officers and rarely have five.

That being said - I think too many Officer spots would be a pro and con for smaller teams. Perhaps just the ability to add people to “event permissions” and shit. Such as a list for PvP events and those people on the list can do officer things for the evrnt


/rubs hands eagerly


what do you think of this Idea?


Mmm no. I want to manually appoint any and all people who have access to my team in any way. I also believe that no one should have power over the leader. As it stands now, officers can do everything I can except promote an officer, edit the team, or kick me. That’s all the power anyone needs.

All power positions should be given, not automatic. Also keep in mind about half my team has been on it for 2+ years ish. It’s the leaderships job to make people feel involved even without power or special titles. Not everyone needs to be a special little snowflake.

I want Leader and Officers to stay exactly the same. I would not mind, however, having Non-Atlas Event governors. For instance, making @Lutrus a PvP gov so he can set targets in PvP, but not kick @mechengg :joy:


I like that idea. About not kicking me. :slight_smile:


I would also enjoy being able to give random meaningless titles to team members like a forum title for fun. I think it would be a moral booster, meaninglessly, but something fun. It could also go the other way though and be used to put people down on certain teams and people could feel left out.

So i can see both the good and bad.

May be better to just keep the status quo


Tally added for open ability to add more officers or possibly even ranks like other games.