Success of War Dragons is built on Successful Leaders

My team is in a gold4 league that should be embarrased of themselves.

I am recruiting lost souls, not even knowing what sigils are or seasonal prizes.

My team loves to teach and reward effort, I cannot understand the poor leadership I am seeing in this league.

PG should come up with a system to reach out to these players. Probably can’t but I am so disappointed.


I am just venting, but the success of any game is the continued engagement of its players. I have never seen this so bad.

Thanks for letting me vent, maybe some of you can come up with some ideas that are constructive.

You are in Gold 4, a league that is meant for beginners and new players or ones with less active game play.

What are you expecting? If you want higher activity and competition I’d suggest you move up to a higher league :upside_down_face:

(PS is this a subtle brag attempt gone very wrong?)


Isn’t it on individuals to seek out other options if their team isn’t as active as they’d like? Or if the team isn’t knowledgeable? Not totally sure what you’re going for here…

Edit: I think mech has figured out what OP is going for here lol


Trying event in platinum 4 or platinum 2

i think people are not dumb and rules tab is there. Those who have low activity don’t play for anything other than just flying dragons i suppose. Others should figure out.

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You think this was a brag attempt? Aren’t you full of yourself!

I come from platinum to create a farm team to feed our platinum team with better players.

I have been playing wardragons for only 10 months and this is my first run in with this. You all may have seen this before, this was new to me, at least on this scale.

My post was created out of shock not self promotion, not to brag (which is and assumptive and belittling statement).

I love wardragons, much better company and much better game than I came from. There is simply some lost players out there we as better teams need to reach out to, they have no idea what they are missing. They think their poor team is typical, thus they will leave the game, thus PG loses revenue and an advocate.

I hope you understand better why I wrote this and why we all should be active in LC to show these new players, the game is fun.

I’ve been in the position of the new player whose team leadership was non-existent. Yes, one cannot expect new players to know any different or expect them to know when an event is going on. :tulip:

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This is an exceptionally rude and belittling post. Not everyone plays this game to be competitive or even log in daily. Don’t tear other people down or demand that teams be deactivated just because they do not play how you do.



Chalk it up to an Italian temper.

I always speak my mind and this got under my skin, read my second post and you will better understand, stopping at this one, well…?.read the second on please

You and I agree and disagree on a lot Red

This is not helpful leanguage. This is belittling language. Why not ask Pg for a way to help these teams, these players, instead of demanding for them to be disbanded?

I read all the posts here.

Simple fact is that it’s not up to any player to force or demand teams all play competitively. I have a friend with a kiddo that plays and she just likes logging on every once in awhile after school to fly pretty dragons. She’s not competitive, but she’s having A BUNCH of fun.


Well you are right about the language.

It’s just the way we talk to each other in my circle. We do not get offended but see the underlying meanings.

For instance their is an inactive team on that board! WHY? If they are inactive why have them on the event at all? Can’t wage war with them! They literally are dead to the game.

Please, I see your point, please see mine. Look past my ill chosen words. I apologize for offending those that read it. It’s just the way we speak in my world.

Could be a team that houses people like the kid I mentioned. There are also a lot of a posts about an issue with players not being booted for inactivity. That’s a separate issue.

Even so, as long as a player can be attacked, they should be allowed on the board.

There really should be no real expectation of leadership in Gold IV. I would venture that any team below Gold I is either very very casual, rebuilding and on their way up, still clamoring to learn and fill a roster, or dying and on it’s way to being empty.


The problem isn’t other teams, it’s you. You’re sitting in a league that obviously isn’t fit for your level of desired competition. So move. Move up the leagues either by being the leader you desire these other teams to be, or find another team that offers a more competitive environment.


Those players CANNOT be attacked! Heck even the leader and officers cannot be and they show medals for the week. I have no explanation of that.

I have edited my original post to a non Italian demeanor.

We will, and your right

Yes, this may be true, this is a new thing for me to see

Like I said that’s an issue that has been brought up

The most notable thing about that screenshot is that there’d be pretty even competition between the top teams in the league, if there weren’t some jackass platinum team in gold 4, marveling at how low-level players play at a low-level.

To provide some insight, I was in gold4-5 between December and March, because I’d just started the game and dragged the silver team I joined up there. We didn’t go higher because we didn’t have the levels to compete in a higher league. My girlfriend, my alts, and I usually made up 60-80% of the team’s score, starting from when I was level 26 onward, and we usually placed 1st-5th. Most league-appropriate teams have 3-15 people with any activity to speak of, 2-3 of whom are carrying the team. Most teams of near-50 have 0 event contribution from over 50% of their members. And you know what? This is fine. It’s a new player area, and most new players don’t become old players.

But it’s not just a new player area. If you have a sufficiently contentious personality and get exasperated at the smug, overleveled teams that show up in your league about 2 weeks out of 3, it can also be a low oxygen training ground from which you will emerge an unholy terror ready to rain ruin on an unsuspecting world. For myself, I learned to whack 180s with green and orange. I learned complex raiding strategies and air bank refinancing plans during fortification. I learned how to nearly Pokemon the league during capture the flag. (Ended up with personally possessing 23 of the 24 available enemy flags; about half the teams that time were vastly over our level. It didn’t matter.)

To continue my story, the week I moved to a plat team that was performing quite well before I got there, we got declared on 2-3x per day, we won every one of them, and I was the war MVP most days. I think I got promoted to officer on day 2, and I’ve been a strong first place in the PVP events thus far.

In conclusion, the successful leader in this story isn’t Charger. It’s a level 43 officer on one of the 3-5th teams, who’s quietly fuming at the jerks in Redemption2All, read the initial draft of the original post in this thread, went incandescent with rage, and vowed to one day become strong enough to wipe those guys off the map. I’ll probably be around level 120 in two months, so I’ll have you to thank for the 500k wood that guy steals from me then, when he somehow figures out how to farm my base with a green Fomhar and Enki.


Always a pleasure reading your writings. :joy: