Successful Defense Glory change

Completely agree. It is completely illogical to have the same glory equation for defenders and attackers. Half of our primes are defensive (or 2.5 depending how you view destroyers), we have defensive riders which are supposed to earn glory from the perch (I know that’s not the best way to earn glory on them but that is how it’s intended to be done). It makes no sense at all to not be rewarded for a successful defense.

The way we earn glory on these primes and riders is attacking with them. Doing glory swaps and guard swaps because the intended way to get glory on them is TERRIBLE. This is something that has needed to be addressed for years but PG has shown that they dont really care about defenders


I full heartedly agree with this.

Honestly, I think the game would be better if there were no such thing as counter attacking, and once an attack was started, all troops at the time of the attack were committed to the attack.

Then I think we could talk real defense mechanics. But defending by hitting someone 100 levels lower than you with krellos really shouldn’t earn any more glory than it already does (if that).

This would favor the bullies/snipers/pirates as surprise attacks would primarily be successful given speed is no longer a concern. So basically solid concept for NML, but absolutely disastrous for castle defense.

Off topic and irrelevant given the mechanism being discussed has no bearing on counter-snipes. We are only discussing true defense, aka loading SS and dropping base boosts like hammers.

Yes defensive glory should be improved.
People mostly swap to level up their defensive prims because it’s bloody damn hard to level trappers.

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Leveling trappers is easy. Getting the glory efficiently to level them is the key point. You don’t get much when on the defense except in swaps.


Yeah that’s what I meant lol

By that logic, getting glory on any prim is “easy.” It’s hard because acquiring it in an efficient matter is challenging.

Well… in attack base the Glory on the troops the defender loses and in defence base the Glory on the troops the attacker loses.
The same equation for calculation and the troops are the one who counts toward GP but… a minute change !
For the best, IMO.

At the very least I would like to see partial hammers returned for successful defenses :man_shrugging:t2:

Maybe there should be a way to earn hammers so you don’t run out, but honestly, they seem like expendables needed to protect your castle, or protect your raiding partner.

If its protecting the castle, your reward is the castle perks. If its protecting your raiding partner, you are protecting their attack glory. They’ll then do the same for you.

And don’t forget that if you do well enough at defending, you get to use the powerful water dragon. You can’t put a value on that!

Make the only objective we have to defend stagnate castles then offer zero rewards for defending :rofl:
That cracks me up !

I can see this thread got completely ignored lol. Thanks pg

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@PGGalileo I see you on can you comment on this please?

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HAve none of you been in the same room as another player, at the same time, involved in the battle, whether it be attack or defense ,doesnt matter? I have and its alarming how often defense is irrelevant. The attack is over many times by 5 to 10 seconds on one players screen yet is only half way thru on another screen.
An attacker will be done saying wow that was easy, while the other person in the room is still dropping hammers like crazy trying to stop the attacker that is done. Its not all 5he time but it happens more then anyone cares to admit. I would love to see defensees be worth a little something extra but not when im never sure if im actually defending the base and the attacker is that good that they blew right thru my defenses or if im not even defending at all it just looks like i am on my screen

I agree with Dash here. To get good defense glory in current system you basically have to allow the enemy to kill a lot on your base for good glory. If you drop the attacker hard, you get like 0 glory in return. Make defending more worthy.


Hmmmm, still nothing from pg. that’s sad, considering how many likes the original post got I would have expected someone to pop in by now

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After Jared banned me ones for tagging im a bit afraid tagging PG employees :eyes:

I tagged one. I’m not banned but also as expected no response. This thread doesn’t make them money.