Sudden increase in booster pack purchase

I’m not sure if this is a country thing but I have noticed that if you want to buy a booster pack the price has suddenly gone up. Here in the the UK the price for the max booster pack as shot up by £8 current exchange rate about $10,and no warning from PG that this was would have been nice to have had a heads up that this was going to happen and not to be sneaky about the increase and hope we would not spot it.
PG if you are going to change something like this let us know we are not idiots we do notice things like this.

PG doesn’t do anything other than set the US price. Apple and such set the prices for all other currencies.

It could simply be currency conversion rates. They change daily. Not often is it a drastic change but it is entirely possible.

Inflation mine also went up $4 NZD bite the bullet and purchase anyway hehe you know you wanna… unfortunately spending more is best way to get bang for buck.
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I’m glad to report Australian prices have stayed the same - but that’s because Apple has been rorting us for years…

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As Red stated, it’s not PG that sets store prices. It’s determined by Apple or Google. Thankfully these price adjustments usually only happen once every 6 months.
Amazon’s app store is the best place to buy games/in app purchases from as they are generally cheaper by default & discounted further by using Amazon coins.
Unfortunately War Dragons isn’t available through Amazon app store :cry: & given how the game isn’t cross platform compatible, I doubt it ever will be.

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