Suffocating Flames

A few months ago I finished researching ‘Suffocating Flames’.
As a reminder this gives ‘+2% Chance for Sorcerer Attack to Stun’


  • Is this supposed to apply to the standard lock on attack?
  • Is there some sort of visual display to show that a tower has been stunned by this?
  • Does it even work?

I was meaning to ask about this, since I’ve never noticed this occurring in a battle before. Anyone know anything about this research?

I need to what is research function

I’ve yet to see a single tower stunned and I’ve had this research done for a long time.

Suffocating Flames
+2% Chance for Sorcerer Attack to Stun

I cannot find that variable anywhere else though (I checked the dragon, the attack, and the projectiles files). Some things are not defined directly in fields that are visible. Based on the research description, it should be affecting the normal attack.

If it is like all the other chance-based things in this game, then every attack would have a new 2/100 chance of stunning. But, after a few thousand attacks, it’s extremely unlikely you haven’t seen this stun at least once.

If the default chance to stun is zero, most of the percent modifiers are done via multiplication and not addition (form what I can tell). If that is the case here, then 0.2*0=0… :man_shrugging:

Not sure, but definitely would like to hear from others who have completed this research.

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Also have not experienced a stun and I run spindra a lot.

The q is why you would have this researched…

I believe the answer is “Because I was an idiot.” (I have this researched and am kicking myself over it now :sob:)

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To get to the shadow healing!

Nah, I checked. Suffocating Flames is off in it’s own dead-end side branch. The one you’re thinking of is Sorcerer’s Fury.

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and wasn’t that disappointing :wink:


I’m not kicking myself at all. I had spare platinum eggs for research (i know right?) and wanted rid of them.
I use sorcerors a lot and judging from the description, it should be a nice addition.

This could potentially explain whats going wrong - if anything.

@PGJared - Can you please acquire some answers from the team if this is known to not be working? or maybe just shed some light on this feature?

So I guess this is what Suffocating Flames look like. One time out of millions of flights my dragon stunned the towers.

I’m pretty sure it was super bugged as each hit was stunning the towers rofl…

Can this be fixed to 2% as it is supposed to be, it’ll actually be a nice small buff to sorcerers.


Thanks for the video @Coach , greatly appreciated.

As you said, it looks bugged.

As the attacker… I like that kind of bug. Lol

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