Suggest for Next year Dragons

With 2020 comes the Olympics so my suggestion is to add one Olympic type dragon to each season … since the Olympics cover the whole world would be easy to come up with things to use and types shouldn’t be a problem either … even with the Olympics mostly being summer and winter … would not be hard to add one for each season …


What’s your vision of an “Olympic-type dragon”?

Simply dressed as an Olympian or ? I am having trouble visualizing this

well there are many things to consider … like which sport you are wanting to represent … like a gymnast is usally on the small slender side (female ones) but a male boxer is bulkier and stout in appearance … then there is the tools for there various sports … how do you know looking at anyone what carrier or sport they might be in … by looking at the clues they carry or hold and yes by there dress or clothing … as for coloring they would vary to help represent all the countrys that are in the Olympics … even the differant sports some would bring in the various color sets to help people to connect them … like the winter bobsled … perhaps a ice dragon with gear to sort of mimic the shape of the front of the bobsled … or even if considering a rider same idea can apply … in gymnastics if a female slender type dragon flowing graceful movements like they do when moving over the mat … so a wind type dragon … then there is also the Olympic rings and how they are set … each dragon could have that marking on them someplace … so many ways and ideas could be used to make is possible to know what is being represented for each dragon within reason that is even some of the other sports … some slightly easier to show than others but not hard if really think about it … but thats just some of my thoughts on it … i could go into alot more detail …if given time and do abit more research …


Sounds like sorcerers vs. warriors

The colors of the Olympics, as represented by the five rings they use for a symbol, come from the colors used in the flags in the world. Every flag in the world uses at least one of those five colors.

I’m not trying to be a Negative Norman, but I just don’t see how this is an inspiring theme, or how it would be implemented.

I could see having the art for the riders represent Olympians (in the ancient Greek sense).

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Olympic dragon…


You could make a set of dimaecharus-esque dragons, would be a nice call back

I’d like to see players be able to fly their national flag on their base…


thats fine what would you suggest for dragons for 2020 ??

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