Suggest ice and fire shards converted to elemental embers

The ice and fire turrets are to a great amount of player towers that are not vital to their base defense. However, with the addition of platinum chests and also gold chests, we still get a great quantity of fire and ice turret shards. Few players have a lot of timers to build turrets and transform/update into other more powerful towers, but it is not an option for the most.

The game is a nice dragon game and I hope that these shards could be used to obtain two evolvable dragons, and evolve with increasing amount of shards. These dragons are evolvable as long as the player has enough fire and/or ice shards. And these dragons can be remained as end-tier strength as the game forging forward.

I think this creation will reward long-term player and we will be able to fly these two dragons as veterans, as in contrast to both seasonal dragons as well as normal breeding dragons. These dragons create long-term bondage and makes the game more unforgettable.

The spells and the strength of these two dragons need to be balanced, and as well as need to be viable against active defense. The classes of the dragons, spells and skin will be generated through discussion. The fire and ice themes also can make designing dragon a lot more easier. Since the dragons will always have relevant fire power, it is therefore important to make them fun to fly.

So this is only for those who have a substantial amount of shards. Not for me who has 7 times the amount of embers to shards. No thanks.
Also, I feel like doing this will make players oblivious to Turrets, which I don’t think should happen anytime soon.

I don’t think it is my original idea to make a dragon that takes 20K shards to evolve one step.

20K??!! Okay I’m Out.

They still can build turrets. But turrets are oblivious anyways…


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I honestly see zero merit in having building materials applied to dragons. There are plenty of ways ice and fire shards could be made useful for other things but a dragon does not seem like a logical option.


Well, this is a dragon game, so dragon is always logical. As long as they are fun to fly…I mean. I am not optimistic about how to use these shards in other ways. While I was writing, there are suggestions about converting fire/ice shards to elemental shards, but it never happened.

Umm. He literally said it Was not 20k.

There is a method to make those useful, already :eyes:

Yes, that method is a useful but never worked method. I can try to push that to be another option for the usage of fire and ice shards. However, there is no letting down of everyone to posses a fun dragon that doesn’t need to be retired.



Either the dragon is good and cheap, in which case you’ve just created an infinite evolution stone dragon removing a lot of motivation to get other dragons, and tanking revenue and engagement.

Or the dragon is extremely expensive, making it only for the elite few who can afford it.

Or the dragon is weak, making it just another den filler, and a lot of development effort for something nobody would use.

There is no good scenario here.


The dragon will be of two classes, and you know these game is based on flying different dragons. New shiny is always attractive, but there is no problem to create some dragons for those player who are nostalgic. And yeah, I am totally against useless dragons.

Nostalgic :roll_eyes:

  • Drako > Drakius
  • Kinnara > Kinnarus
  • Tarand > Tarax
  • Noctua > Noctawn
  • Arborius > Arboralith

Seems that PG has found a way for those nostalgic feelings.

Also, special events to feel nostalgic :laughing:

Those are seasonal dragons, they are seasonal…

Ok change nostalgic to a long-term veteran dragon that are fun…

Suddenly I’m thinking the rainbow transcendence stone posts :laughing::laughing:


PG has earned a lot of revenue. They are trying a lot marketing strategies to make more revenue. But one thing is certain, good things doesn’t happen without careful balance and constructive suggestions. And really, I don’t think fire and ice shards dragons are super out of mind. Before, old divines do evolve with shards.

Okay I gotta say.

I say Careful Bank Balance.