Suggest Rune/Glyph summer branch

The idea is simple, please give us a rune/glyph branch in the next summer season.


Good idea!

I remember them doing this idk maybe a year ago or longer?
It didn’t last but one season.

But it was a very small line…I think it just had like 1-2 rares, an epic and a legendary rune…I think a Mythic too but could be wrong?

I would like to see a rune glyph branch that came off onto other lines like the old Sigil lines.
And have something like 6-8 runes in it. It could even be more expensive if they were good runes.

It could start off on epics but then after claiming 4-5 prizes you could take the top line, middle line or bottom line.
Each line have 2-3 good runes/Glyphs but they could be class specific like top is for warrior and warrior runes, middle Hunters and bottom for Sorc runes.

It would be a great addition :+1: But don’t expect anything like this because I’m sure they will probably be afraid it will hurt profit off runic chests


I support this 100%! And add some rune dust in the branches :eyes:


All rage glyphs and runes with different resist secondary would be dreamy!

I’d like them to go further than that.

They could do mini season lines for egg tokens, for timers, for runes, for atlas stuff,…
Could all be pretty useful :slight_smile:

Edit: Or doesn’t have to be mini. I’d gladly skip dragons in a season, even if they were really good, if there was a giant egg token line that could be bought with sigils. It would give more players a chance to reach the newer tiers without having to play since the start of this game :stuck_out_tongue:

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