Suggested change for Medusys

I have been flying Medusys for a few weeks. Level 44, half mythic ice gear, decked out with hunter hp, attack, and rage runes. Dragon is pretty good but it doesn’t feel mythic.

When facing top bases dragon drops quickly, that’s a base with 10+ towers at 94. Defended and there’s no chance. Then I realized the dragon is missing something. It doesn’t have a heal spell. Pathox had a rage and heal. Ronin had a rage and heal. This dragon has nothing.

My suggestion would be to add a heal to Gorgons Guise. When cast Medusys heals for 10% of modified HP. From my experience this will allow us to feel we paid 520k tokens for a mythic that is strong. It is still able to be beat if defending but will not drop when an Earth Flak looks at it.

And just think about Kullecid, it has a white instant kill spell that heals, a blue rageless cloak, and a rage and health gain spell. This dragons spells make it feel more like a mythic than any mythic hunter I have flown in a while.


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Awesome answer

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But really, that’s just the state of end-game. Barring the objectively shit design of the Abysmal tier, a maxed base has infinite versatility in terms of power and playability versus maxed dragons. (But also Abysmals = garbage, so there’s that too).

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That’s a nasty reply . :grimacing: I don’t think what someone suggests should be devalued just because they’re end game. Thats my opinion though.


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Who is hindering you to use consumable heal spells?

Both are aged DIVINE Mythics from a time Dragons were good. Don’t compare them to a bad designed END GAME LINEAGE 520K TOKEN COSTLY…aeeehmm Mythic. :wink:

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The game, bc you can use exactly one which is without runes and tweaks as useful as not adding one at all…

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I’ll give just my quick thoughts here. The dragon is very challenging since It doesn’t have any heal, so for me no healing is ok.

The only thing that I see on this dragon that sucks is the fact that It consumes a lot of rage and on most situations you will be dead quickly since you cannot cast his spells. What I think is that they should change the rage cost of his petrifying gaze from 2 rages to 1 rage, it will basically make his survivability longer.

This is only my opinion and basically changing the rage cost isn’t something hard to code and it won’t cause glitches, so I stick with this idea.

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No coding, just change one number in one file.

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Might be enough to survive, even if it isn’t a great help.

Haha :joy: ! So I guess it’s a good idea lol

I can see that as helping improve against undefended bases but a single defender would still give a lot of pain.

But if that was the best PG can do it’s still better than what we currently have.

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For sure defenders will make it harder, there’s no point on making an easy dragon, but I feel like it will be a very very good dragon if they do this because if flown right. it will upset defenders and this is how hunters should be balanced, can do nothing against a base if flown badly, but if flown right it’s invincible like narlyth is now. And also imo this will bring many people active in game to get this dragon.

If you want more informations we can talk directly in line.

What it needs and what has been recommended is

  1. Some kind of heal
  2. Ammo regen upon cloaking
    Tada somewhat useable dragon
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You’d expect more from a final mythical dragon so… and instead becomes unplayable for the little life and rage he has

Maybe I have a different perspective - certainly, I don’t have the dragon myself - but to me, this looks like a 6B dragon that struggles a little against 24B and 50B bases undefended. But it can still beat them, even without being fully kitted out.

If anything, I’d argue that a 6B dragon should get its [censored] kicked against a 50B base, especially when the dragon isn’t as well-equipped as it could be. So…I guess I’m not seeing the problem?

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Attack power means nothing, it’s all about the tier of the dragon and the power of the gears. A 3B dragon can have better stats than a 8B dragon…

It’s an end game dragon so it should compete against end game bases, if bases are invincible there’s no way to keep playing the game…


Limited Dragons which are restricted by limited runes/glyphs and gear… I miss the days when most dragons could be flown, the longer I play the fewer I have that I can use.

Mm. Sorta. Attack power is not representative, but it’s often a useful guideline, especially when we can see that the dragon isn’t as well-equipped as it could be. You’re also talking about not just a difference of 5B, but a difference of more like 44B. That’s not a small difference.

And it may be an endgame dragon, but a single less-than-fully-equipped dragon should struggle against fully-equipped bases of the same tier.

Remember, it’s three to five dragons to destroy one base; the standard shouldn’t be that one can easily destroy a base.