Suggested Changes/Improvements To Game

So in today’s video on YouTube I go through 11 changes I have thought of over the course of my playing and would love to get some attention to these along with 1 suggestion by a player on my team! So figured I would share this on forums incase some PG employees catch a glimpse and find some of these doable!!!

To Check these out watch the video I have attached from my youtube channel!


Already Checked :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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i like the idea there really simple to! but i would also like to see a 12 to 24 hours on feeding perch!!!

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I need that self attacking feature in the dragon den…lol NO HEALING TIME :joy: :heart_eyes:

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Would not count in quests or missions as it would literally be 0 gains and 0 losses

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