Suggested spell sets for next season's dragons: Hunter

Hi everyone, since there is always so much discussion on particular dragons after they come out, how about we pre-empt next season and suggest spell combinations that we want to see? Post your suggestions here. If you like a particular suggestion that someone has made, please like :heart: their post. I will compile a list of the most liked suggestions and we can do a poll next week!

I will create a new thread for each dragon type.

Go nuts!! :crazy_face:


I posted all in the sorcerer post :man_facepalming:

I’ll link it

Another one

Obviously healing mark lol
Noxious vines
Dark flak resist
Earth element

Is Evade different from Evasion?

Its the same

Time shift, noxious vines, death gaze, and dark flak resist…yolo :eyes:.


Discount dragon for sure


No no, you guys forgot white invincible shield and white RP so that nothing can break it…

Not sure if it is a suggestion but Vines should probably never be on another hunter…ever.


Add on an ice resist too if there is room on the screen for another spell

We should just got all out, maybe it an UltraMythic with: White DG, white cloak, ice and lighting resist, white TS, white RP and vines…because why not.

No dark flak resist? Trash tier imo.


I wanted Galvantic Overload but i can understand why PG wouldn’t want that(OP Ferga 2.0)… Since Ayvx really needs a KO or HIGH damaging move i would recommend either Spell Flux, Dissipate(changed to ONE rage), or shall i say lightspeed???

Without a high damage spell that does not require you to use ammo precious ammo it will just be another snowdrop(totally useless). An additional 50% attack is not going to help when you have super shots charging on every mage on the upcoming long island… Idk what PG was thinking but i’m scared that they would actually be proud of this dragon. Snowdrop at least got a shield that looked cool and was from the top tier… Avyx is just gonna have a knockoff havok with some silly graphic of glowing or throwing around feathers :face_vomiting:

Elemental Barrier
Dark Flak Resist



All kidding asides, dragons need balance…one of the best tiers was gold (minus Dima) for hunters you had Cons/Whale. Whale had a better resist but had to be more precise flying while Cons could heal but took more damage. Both had SE which made you actually have to think. Now you have literally hunter tanks…complete faceroll dragons haha.


100% agreed

I suggest the southern cross, sacrifice , cloak and dark flak resist combo for next hunter

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For Winter Dragons i was hoping to see Shatter Shards so here are some ideas to include that spell:

Frostbite (Passive)
Shatter Shard (Red) - Two rage
Seismic Screech (Red) - One rage
Consume (Blue) - One Rage


This dragon would look like a porcupine made of mirror shards for how much of a spiky machine gun it would be!
Frostbite (Passive)
Shatter Shard (Red) - Two rage
Light Speed (Red) - One Rage
Mirror Coat (White) - Two Rage
- Mage super shots do not take rage, instead they give 1 bar of rage for each hit.(yes i got the idea from pokemon…judge me!) The graphic would look like the dragon is shining/giving off a bunch of light and mages super shots only add to the brightness, but dark flaks now do more damage bcs… you know… darkness and all that…


Frostbite (Passive)
Shatter Shard (Red) - Two rage
Dissipate (Blue) - Two rage *BUT SHOULD BE ONLY ONE(ik you’re reading this pg…:eyes:)
Consume (Blue) - One rage


IWell I really don’t think every dragon should be as powerful as nec or noc. Nor I think the winter season dragon is super bad, when I compare Avyx with borgian, which has the closest spell composition, the biggest difference I see is that Avyx need to get rid of blue mage to cast talon frenzy to destroy majority of towers.

In short islands you can move like
Destroy blue > cloak, refill ammo> frenzy and destroy,
But on well placed Long Island with blue mage right in front and another backing up, probably there will be an Ammo shortage.

So if there is a suggestion that I will make, change cloak to dissipate to assist damage and refill Ammo, which I think will make dragon as good as Borgian.

Well probably this won’t receive too much likes since it’s not powerful enough, but sometimes I think players are wanting dragons that are too powerful🤔

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