Suggested spell sets for next season's dragons: Sorcerer

Hi everyone, since there is always so much discussion on particular dragons after they come out, how about we pre-empt next season and suggest spell combinations that we want to see? Post your suggestions here. If you like a particular suggestion that someone has made, please like :heart: their post. I will compile a list of the most liked suggestions and we can do a poll next week!

I will create a new thread for each dragon type.

Go nuts!! :crazy_face:

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I am thinking death stare, cloak (different version: allows one spell to be Used during duration as well as heals), earthquake and feral rage for the hunter (primary)

Mystic Winds, Spell Flux, Sacrifice and Ice resist for the warrior (primary)

Rising Pheonix, Elemental Barrier, Umbral Spike and Flak Resist for the primary Sorcerer.

Bonus: Hunter - Noxious Vine, Sacrifice, Chain Lightning and Resist

I AM not sure if this The purpose of this post and doubting PG will even look. Well If we make too many combos for next season…they make someone the lucky winner lol. The spells for the Winter season Divines look okay. Equestor is good…Leos is not bad or good and Avyx :nauseated_face:

I’m gonna move some of your suggestions into the appropriate dragon type thread.

Ok…and I think PG should not Have 2 riders…1 is enough

Southern cross
Nocturnal fission
Summon warrior
Lightning resist
Ice element

Umbral Spike
Northern Lights (Light)
Mystic Winds

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Frozen tomb
Sacrifice (white spell)
Southern cross (light version)
Lightning resist

My suggestion is:

Spell flux
Southern cross/earthquake
Elemental barrier/northern lights
Dark flak resist

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That actually is amazing

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Death stare
Northern light (dark)
Any resist

Don’t say any resist. They’d give the poor dragon ballista resist :woman_facepalming:t2: Otherwise that sounds like a great spell set for a sorcerer.

Loll ya xD i’d like dark flak but then it would be too stong, it might be ice or fire turrett resist, lighting resist is as usefull as balista haha! Nobody should use lighting tower anyway!
But with northern light you dont really care about the resist…fore might be cool tho cuz I seem to always get hit by one of that big fireball in the .5 second between two shield cast…! Lol

Angel’s Grave: Passive Spell
Increases rage generation by 30% and if dragon dies, reset health to 40%. Every 15s destroy one nearby tower. The order is below:
Red Mage
Blue Mage
Dark Flak
Ice Turret
Fire Turret
Fire Flak
Farm or Mill

Spell Flux: Active, 2 Rage, White
Destroys 1 nearby tower in an order.
Ice Shock: Active, 0 Rage, White
Freezes up to 3 towers. Duration is the same as fae’s ice shock.
Invincibility Shield: Active, 2 Rage, Blue
Provides invincibility. Duration is the same as normal invincibility shield.


So a passive perpetual spell that when the dragon dies (anytime) the health gets set back to 40%?
Doesn’t that make him…ya know…invincible?


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Even without that new spell the other 3 already make it practically invincible… :joy:

Maybe sorcerers do really need that much help cos they suck normally… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Frozen tomb
Elemental barrier
Dark flack resist

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Only revives once

You must choose between EE and frozen tomb…FTomb also gives a shield, dont think you can have 2 at the same time…! Should have choose Freeze in that particular case instead!

But well, i think that would not be quite good! Sorcerer realy need a spell to get rid of particular tower first (mage) else they sucks

I would replace FT with death stare and it would be quite amazing xd!

But well, they wont prolly do that since Merkt would look bad and people who got him would be pissed lol!

I agree with @Galaad360, not a lot of synergy in that spell kit.

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