Suggested spell sets for next season's dragons: Warrior

Hi everyone, since there is always so much discussion on particular dragons after they come out, how about we pre-empt next season and suggest spell combinations that we want to see? Post your suggestions here. If you like a particular suggestion that someone has made, please like :heart: their post. I will compile a list of the most liked suggestions and we can do a poll next week!

I will create a new thread for each dragon type.

Go nuts!! :crazy_face:

Lethal barrier (white)
malefic breath (blue)
Devour hope (blue)
Fire turret resist
Fire element

Suggestion from CBCici

No offense but that combo of spell will not do good

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I beg to differ. If you plan it right it would work great. You would definitely need rage runes/glyphs on it. But if you hit lethal barrier first, then malefic breath, then devour hope, your shield will explode, giving you a ton of health because of devour hope.

You could I dunno maybe give the warrior a summon warrior spel…idk just my thought

Maybe I’m too low level to appreciate summon warrior on a divine dragon but for 3 rage is this really a good spell when it’s not in dodo guardian/apophet shadow style? I know people equip them from forge for a shield and all.

I meant like guardian dodo or apophet’s shadow or lightning familiar any thing like those passive casts

Southern Cross (Dark)
(W) Death Gaze
Archer Resist

Elemental Barrier
Northern lights (dark version)
Summon Hellspawn
Ice resist


I’d like to think that warriors shouldn’t be using hunter abilities or sorcy ones as their staple. The idea would be to make it warrior-ish and not a different attack animation sorcy or hunter.

I think something along these lines

Spell1: MageShield (white) - reduces incoming damage while active by 50%, absorbs mage supershots and gains “charge” per supershot absorbed (max 4 “notches”). At expiry of spell, shield explodes dealing damage equal to 25% of damage absorbed, with each “notch” accumulated this shield explodes again (think tarand double explosion rune)

In other words, if smart defender doesn’t shoot mage supershots into dragon, his shield will explode just dealing the absorbed damage. Say it absorbed 10million damage, it would AOE blast 2.5million. However, if defenders were just willy nilly supershotting mages without paying attention who they were defending —> if say it absorbed a blue and red mage shot, it would have two triggers, so the shield will trigger three times ==> 7.5mil damage

Spell 2: Active ability, 3 rage, Isolation v2. The targetted tower deals increased damage by x%, the surrounding towers turn towards friendly fire (like elemental mayham). If the “targetted” tower is destroyed during active period of spell, dragon heals x% and friendly fire stops from turrets.

This is a critical thinking ability - do you let the other towers friendly fire, or do you rather use this as a heal?


Spell 3: Targetted tower implodes, surrounding towers get a small buff to their damage (10%) for the duration of the spell (4 seconds)

Spell 4: Resists — id opt for a rotating resist, either clickable, or stealable.

These are just some basic ideas, not set in stone ofc


My suggestion is:

Mystic wind
Seething spark (or a weaker/improved version of battle cry. I thought it would be a good spell for a lead dragon/tank)
Ice turret resist
Dark flak/fire flak resist

Would like to see a Warrior with its own spin on Extract Essence, where defeating certain towers provides a resist instead of a spell. So you activate the spell and defeat [tower] then you gain a resist to [tower] until the spell is cast again. This would add a lot of fun strategy to our favorite boring class, and make for a real juggernaut of a dragon with a couple other static resists and a heal or shield.


my suggestion would be spell combo like tectonic bomb (white -1 rage) , invicible shield (white-2 rage) ,dark flak resist and fire turret resist for warrior msytic obsidian


Why not just give it modified Kelvin-flux ; same result

Resist Essence (steal the Resist of the next tower damaged…can deactivate at anytime)
Feral Rage

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  1. White thunderstorm ( high damage version prenerf)
  2. White sacrifice
  3. Dark flak resist
  4. Ice torrent resist

This dragon just keep going and going and going, until killed by sacrifice.

  1. A passive that increases damage based on taking damage (not missing health)
  2. A strong heal/Shield
  3. A burst damage spell with build up (maybe based on 1, resetting it when cast)
  4. Cannon Resist

No need for cannon resist anymore

The reason for cannon resist is the shield. If the shield is elemental barrier then I’m fine with no resists.

I’m also not looking to make the best dragon possible, just one that may be viable with the current state of warriors in the game.