Suggesting a glory compromise

As a player who has spent the majority of my last couple of years in Sapphire (all levels) and very recently joined a D2 team (3 months) I wanted to offer a compromise to the double glory conversation.

I have defended
access castles ad nauseum and defended non-access castles due to bubbles. Neither is fun.

I am also a player who has just recently been able to complete mythic gear (once per season) as opposed to folks who complete an entire season in weeks, let alone the entire duration.

I can semi-confidently as a very active yet very average atlas player that the majority of the player-base does not have the opportunity to finish an atlas line (or season) in a shortened time period.

Having said that and also understanding the concerns of folks who either have access castles and/or finish a season super quickly I’d like to propose a compromise.

PG: Would it be feasible to “turn on” double glory only during pvp? This would alleviate many of the concerns listed above as well as appeal to the larger player-base regarding the ability to make tangible progression during a shortened season.


Did you say double glory guard swaps?

Um… not exactly? I’m legitimately trying to appeal to both PG, the minority and the majority when it comes to a shortened atlas season.

Ahhh I love it when a balanced solution is posted… all of the haters steer clear. @PGNines please check out my proposal and at least think about it.

yeah this would lead to a frenzy of guard swapping, more so among people with more castles and more guards to swap. the rich get richer, and it’s boring.

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Feel that this is just another short sighted planning on their part, completely over looking the players. Reiterating the general complaint from the community and instilling that they are here for only financial gain. If PG can not see all the issues with the shortened season and it’s impact on teams and players then I wish they would just say they can’t comprehend why players are upset all the time something is messed up or wrong, then perhaps ANOTHER community thread explaining what players put into planning, playing, and paying for this game. Higher ups need to give support a big raise and a pay decrease for them selves cause you put them through way to much stress and is another unfair aspect of the choices that get made into how this game rolls out or lack there of

Short answer: No.

It’s not so much “when” would be a good time to turn on double Glory, but rather a problem with the unintended gameplay of swapping castle guard glory. We have active discussions about what to do in regards to the short-term problem (mini-season progression) and long-term problem (glory trading), but no details have been made final yet.


As with all atlas proposals I hope the earlybirds group, if not the larger community, is involved in this before it gets too locked down.

Why should everyone finish the season? :man_shrugging:

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Bring back the Beasts event
that would help players get extra GP

I’m not familiar with what goes into enabling double glory code-wise but is it possible to turn on double glory for prim-on-prim violence while leaving prim-on-guard glory normal?

Even if you did that players could swap and accumulate more guards then kill off the bonus guards. You’d have to change the amount of guards generated from any and all interactions.

Because people want their participation trophies

That’s a consideration that’s been tossed around. We’ll have to take a look at what that means on the tech side.

I’m not seeing a need for bonus glory this season. I have upped my kill rate and seem to be on a good pace to close out this season with both mythic lines complete.

I dunno if a pirate is the best pace setter. I too am on track to easily make it, but I’m better situated for this than many people. I’m hitting the limits of my revive pool and diamond/gold income too. Many players will still struggle.

Whether and how PG wants to support them is a different question, of course, but I think a little carrot never hurts. :carrot:

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So, we are both situated to finish the prizes this season. Folks that want to do the same should change their situation rather than ask for a handout.

Also, as a pirate I have limits. PvP events are down time for me. I don’t enjoy Aligane, which is why I’m observing forum activity. I don’t get organized castleguard swaps. I don’t like that aspect of this game just as folks don’t like pirates, but I see it happening all over the place during PvP. If they can do it, they should look to take advantage of it.

I’m on track to finish everything as well, but I don’t think many active players like nml or guard swaps. I’m sure some do, but most really active players like myself spend the pvps, reviving and rebuilding our troop counts. One thing to consider tho, is players actual troop counts, unless you have a big number already those players won’t finish just by the limitations set. Castle guards are for weak players, that don’t wanna spend the time to hunt glory.

They are not, they have no castles to have to spend time to defend or worry about. They sit in low ranked teams for easy targets, yes they have to find someone not just extremely far below their level, but there is a big difference in someone hitting a high level person, on low ranked team, and a high level player on a very active team. Why so many people like to be pirates, they love to hit people without very active teams and low level primes for easy glroy. There is no comparison to fighting a 500+ on 600 rank team, without many active teammates and a 500+ on top 100 team with very active players to defend and counter. First of all the 600 rank team will have very few players that could counter if were even online. Vs a high ranked team where most players are much more active/ likely to defend and where most would and could counter them.

I’m feeling some discrimination…#Pirate Lives Matter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For some people that is the driving factor. They drop from higher teams, get their glory, then rejoin their team.

For many dealing with the atlas politics is their number 1 factor driving them out of the herd. This is a game not a job. If I wanted to deal with politics, rules, and jumping through hoops, I’d just work all day. This game is a relief for others like me.