Suggestion : Ads

You’ve all heard of ads in other games. They’re cringe, unwanted and useless. But what I propose, is a free currency button that makes you watch an ad for rubies/sigils/lumber/food.
The ads won’t be forced on us, and while we watch the ads for rewards ingame, the developers also earn money from the ads. It’s a win-win situation. Here’s how it would work. A player presses on the free currency button, the rewards are scaled according to that player’s level, and lets say that the player watches a random ad. After he finishes watching the ad, he gets rewards. The developers at the same time earn cash.

Plus, this could make the devs stop forcing a money grabber on us since they also earn revenue from us watching these ads.

I actually support this. Make it a stand alone feature like the (RIP) ruby mine. You click on it, watch an add, and receive a few rubies or diamonds that you can eventually cash in on other rss as needed.

A way to monetize the F2P community.


Please, no…please? I have been playing this game for 5 years, and one of the reasons I didn’t bother with many others for more than a week is the damn ads.

I appreciate this as a win-win suggestion. However, what would end up happening, particularly if the rewards are scaled, is that it will become yet another chore for everyone to perform (lest they fall behind). If this were offered as an option for lower levels to catch up, and that could be turned off in the settings or otherwise hidden away somewhere, then fine.

The other thing I would add (haha!) is that the game is already fragile as it is…I’m not sure how well it would stand up to moving to an ad and then back to game-play without a likelihood of crashing.


Please no. The lack of ads has been a boon.

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I hate ads in game for a reason because if we get bombarded by them it’ll make us want to quit like others games I’ve played heck even the poorly made and advertised app games are poorly made on purpose to give the creators money. It’ll make the pg greed statement worse anyways. So all I have to say is think before you decide to post something you know little about.


Not just no but…
Hell no


This game is absurdly expensive enough. If they introduce even optional ads they need to take the monitization way down to make up for it.

Gonna say no ads, even optional. I am tired of games trying to sell me on things. Let me play the damn game

Or if they did introduce this it’ll do barely anything like Dragon city, Dino wars, etc.