Suggestion: Atlas Event... Capture the Flag

Atlas needs an event to encourage teams that are new to Atlas, less active and that brings some offensive fun to the platform. Trying to think outside the box, and am very bored with current Atlas mechanics…

Capture the flag for Atlas 48 hour event…

  • All players have the elite troop/gold bonus over the 48 hours whether they have elite or not, the same as all players get token bonus during breeding whether they have elite or not

  • 2 Sides – all TA’s randomly get assigned to a side, i.e. Yellow and Blue. Yellow can only attack, trap, or interact with Blue and Blue can only interact with Yellow.

  • Offensive Event – revives for defensive primarchs are 100%, no glory. Shields cannot be turned off. Conquers are turned off.

  • Teams can fly directly to any castle

  • Every time a TA bubbles a castle that TA gets a flag… bubble a level 5 get 5 flags, bubble a level 2 get 2 flags etc.

Bubble Times:

  • LvL 2 8 hours (max 6 bubbles over event, 480k troops/guards sacrificed to event per castles – 50 person team would be 9.6k per player/castle)

  • LvL 3 6 hours (max 9 bubbles over event, max 960k troops/guards sacrificed to event per castle - 50 person team would be 19.2k per player/castle )

  • LvL 4 4 hours (max 12 bubbles over event, max 1680k troops/guards sacrificed to event per castle - 50 person team would be 33.6k per player/castle)

  • LvL 5 3 hours (max 24 bubbles over event, 2560k troops/guards sacrificed to event per castle - 50 person team would be 51.2k per player/castle)


  • Winning side

  • TA’s with the most flags


  • How to stop teams in the same mega alliance from swapping guards for bubbles.

  • Should there be Red Zone glory banding across all castles?

  • Pirate Teams… add a ring around the outside of the map for castles for teams who do not own castles. Change all NZ areas to RZ within the standard map.

I’m sure I haven’t thought of everything, but sounded fun at a high level.


Could you adapt this to the normal game somehow? We need replacement for KW.

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That is one way to confuse the f-k out of people on mega-alliances - I like it :joy:

Yesterday, sniping each other’s castles. Today, best friends. Next week, back to hammering each other or deciding whether to switch alliances bc they had such a fun time working with each other.

This feels counter to creating an inclusive atmosphere, but if you need a castle to participate - then I suppose it adds to the list of ‘incentives to hold/defend a castle’

If yes: How will one stop bigger teams from sandbagging

If no: How to stop reverse sandbagging

I guess with any atlas event comes with issues that already exist in the current meta

No defensive glory makes me sad because leveling up Taunters and Trappers are already hard to level up :frowning: but it makes sense to balance that with the 100% revives. Since this is a heavily offensive event, I imagine people would still lose troops if their hospital can’t accommodate their losses

It seems that however Blue and Yellow are split - they’d have to be done in a way that

  1. Evens out atlas power
  2. Evens out number of castles each side has - if your side has less castles, then it’s easier to protect these and it means you have the potential to score higher

Those are my thoughts so far

Why would I leave troops on my castle for this event? Any downside to just letting it bubble?

That was something I struggled with, ultimately I decided that teams risked ending up with low guards at the end of the event if they chose not to leave troops on castles. And adding guards could be blocked. It might even help with slowing down guard swaps since teams would have little time to add guards if they did guard swaps during pvp.

Alternately if troop event was on it would be easy revives and encourage players to leave troops.

It was the swapping guards for flags that bothered me the most, but with open travel it’d be easy for another team to swoop in and steal guards or the flag.

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