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Hi wd!
Please!! If you wont fix the issue with winning over pmchs and later not gain any glory because someone hit u first - then please make it not psbl attacking another pmch if u are currently under attack

This is one of the few extreme nuisances which destroys the gameplay, are spells or items even refunded in these cases?

If I am understanding you correctly, you are asking for players who are under attack to either not be able to attack, or to only be able to attack the person who is attacking them (not clear on which is better).

Either way I think this is a bad idea. You need the flexibility to choose your target. If a level 300 hits your level 100 base, you don’t want to be forced into attacking only the 300 or sitting around waiting for him to finish his run so that you can start attacking someone around your level.

It also would be even more annoying to have to wait for someone to finish their run against an enemy just so that you can attack that enemy, if that’s what you are suggesting.

I think OP meant to not be able to attack while they are under attack and will lose all of the their troops. A waste of a run when you come out and your troops were already destroyed.

However, the exact problem with that is if you have 3750 troops and were attacked with 450 troops. You would only lose roughly 1k of your troops. So, you would be stuck waiting for them to finish their attack and the opportunity will arise for another person to attack you and then you are just stuck.

Most spells can be forged and shouldn’t really be a big deal for a refund. Definitely a nuisance to lose your troops while you are in the middle of your attack, but gives you more reason to scope out their castle. And hit them later. Right? :crazy_face:

Then how about this case?

  • Player C came to Castle D
  • Player A attempt to attack player C
  • While Player A is in attack loading screen, Player B attempt to attack A.
  • Thus, both A and B are in dragon selection screen, choosing dragon to attack.

Edit scenario slightly

Can player C attack either player A or B? They’re already stuck at the castle unless its bubbled so if we played it out:

Player C could have a long base while player A has a short base and then C still loses troops but takes troops from player A. Now we have player B who didn’t lose troops but lost possibly a spell and his time. Should a block be put up to stop player B from even participating if both player A and C are already in flight?

The problem here is both A and B are in dragon selection screen (no flight yet, as they can cancel their attack).
Plus the chance that B beats A before A beats C.

Also, if an attack block is placed, where should it be placed?

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I don’t see where a block could be placed. What happens if the internet lags and the attacker must quit before the attack is finished? Will the block be removed? Or will it not be registered that the attack was unsuccessful and the block stays until the prim is moved from that area or another attacker hits the prim?

That’s why this may cause an exploit when implemented.

Does the OP have any other suggestions to possibly stop this problem from occurring? It might have to just be written off by being a nuisance and the fun part of having atlas and getting glory.

This could never happen.

Orca pointed out how even if we did as you suggested it’s still possible to have more than one attack.

But even worse. Imagine the abuse where a player brings his prime and an alt or friend with 1 troop and first attacks himself with 1 troop… then attacks without anyone being able to attack him… it’s extremely abusable. Not clear on if you meant to not allow the attacking prime to attack If someone is attacking it also, but that will make things worse as well since the attacking prime will usually have the advantage of attacking immediately after it moves on to a castle.

This is a problem that the atlas team is definitely aware of and have a number of compromises they can choose to implement. If you search for this topic you will see it’s been discussed before.

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Appears to be more complicated than I thought

An alt is to make sure some glory is always returned for these instances, I mean the bad habit is already in place with players putting canon fodder at first island to maximise defense time for their own att to get first

You get these weird base layouts just for this reason, pg took away the feeding event based on bad habits for general gameplay, this must be fixed as well cause it destroys the entire way how glory progressing works

Or just totally change the way glory is collected and let att/defs be incorporated into a tier/level system for seasonal events with rewards/rankings. This would increase part levels where lots of players actually boycott atlas as of now

Is this even thought of as an issue or?

U attack a pmch and after win you get minimal glory because someone got first
At the same time someone attacked ur base and won and u could not defend it / or your win did not count cause this guy got your base beforehand

Seriously! This destroys atlas!

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