Suggestion: Bug discussion forum category

Can we please get a Bug Discussion forum group? The General discussion group is getting overrun with so many “General” topics where bug threads just fall out of reach/sight if not bumped all the time.

And I do not mean discussion of support tickets. I mean legitimate collaboration of the community and relevant PG staff to really get some of these bugs squashed that have been around so long that it’s become part of the WD ecosystem.

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The bugs section on the old forum wasn’t really a huge success…

If PG staff ignoring almost all threads in the old Bugs section is what defines unsuccessful, then yes. Call it something else if needed. Bug Tracking if you will…apply rules. The thing is major bugs persist for a very long time because tracking is very poor.

New forums now have one category to post literally everything pertaining to WD PX. It’s going to become unusable or new, even very important, topics will quickly become buried under general “whining and moaning” threads.

Separate bugs and suggestions sections were both suggested the first time that the new forums came around, but both were declined :sob:

There is a tag called “bug” that you can add to anything that’s bug-related. Same for “suggestion” as well.

Yes, but tagging would still not keep a bug discussion thread from being buried under general noise. I’ve seen it already get pretty noisy here in the general section.

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