Suggestion: Choice of Chest Items


I believe this was brought up in the old forums but since we kind of have to start over here (also, I don’t see a feedback forum so this post is going here)…

Two options for chest items (and I’m talking about opening a single chest, not the x10):

a) you are presented with two items and get to select one
b) “Second Chance” - you are presented with an item but are allowed to “re-roll” or “re-open” it if don’t like it and want to take a second chance.

Looking for ways to cut down on the ridiculous amount of defense items. I have thousands of each one and in no way can use them all during wars. My numbers for these items keep growing.

Limited Black Pearls - Fortification

Sure, that might be nice, but the entire point of chests is that it’s a risk to open them at certain times and you get what you get.


Please, don’t make it look like it is a minigame to open chests… They might think about bringing Good boy pet Draco to open chests…


Need a better balance in them like this event I’ve gotten no Barricades at all


In general chests need an overhaul. They don’t payout remotely near what you’d expect to get from them during events. Some events I’ve been lucky enough to open 60 gold chests from claiming season prize line gold chests and stock piling from previous events/ event prizes etc. The low drop rate *(especially during energy events) put me off spending as when I open 60 gold chests and get RUBBISH that immediately says to me…save yourself £92.99 by not buying a “value” pack. #ChestsNeedAnOverhaulLikeRyuu :laughing::ok_hand:


Same here I’ve been playing here for about 3 months I’ve may have gotten 35 gold chests in all and most came from me paying for them or season rewards but my wife has opened over 65 in one week today’s she’s opened over 200 gold chests to my 35 how’s that Balanced she may have paid in 60$ but me I’ve put well over 500$+


PG has more important issues to worry about rather than this


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