Suggestion - Dragon vs Dragon battles for war

Right now the war mechanic is lame and low reward, but here’s something to make things more fun!
Introducing: Dragon vs Dragon fights! Instead of brawling through an island with your dragons in war like literally any other normal day, you get to control your dragons Hungry Shark style(but vertically) in an arena and fight other dragons! Spells that typically defend against towers now block dragon fire(Invincibility, Magic Barrier), and spells that damage towers now can be used to shoot down enemy dragons(Death gaze(much slower so as to be able to be dodged), Entrap(disables breath attack and offensive spells)! Whoever’s dragon is shot down first loses, and there can be a team mechanic that allows multiple players to join a team rumble - whichever team goes down first loses!

Flight mechanic: Bird’s eyes view of the arena(or a fov limited to how far the dragon can see)

Controls: One joystick, spells are in regular position but:

Free - targeting spells are shot directly in front of the dragon in a straight line
Multiple projectile spells(Ghostly barrage) track enemy dragons, and weave around obstacles
Auto - aim spells: Track enemy dragon, but slower and can be juked into obstacles
AoE spells: Detonate as soon as dragon is in range

Hunter ammo: Fire button beneath the spell list, functions identically to free - target spell without cooldown, hold fire button to rapidly fire
Warriors: Breath can be toggled: Direct laser beam aimed forward, deals damage to anything it hits
Sorcerers: Tracking breath identical to free - targeting spells, ability to hit multiple dragons
Invokers: Identical to hunters but last shot fires invoke
Also swipe to the side or up and down to perform a dodge - dodge spell now only increase dragon speed

Hitboxes: Front part of dragons body: Identical in all dragons to prevent cheating Chunks

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I think it could be cool, but I think would implement a lot of coding? Not sure

Would also be cool if they brought in a mini platform game for your riders, possibly battle a level and kill a boss on a rider character kinda like Diablo or something, would be a cool add on.

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To be honest it sounds like you would like to play some completely different game. One that has very little overlap in interest with this one too.


There’s Jurassic World for you, kinda same idea - giant lizards fighting each other. Similar mechanic with description.

I can’t see this in WD though…


Only Dragons v.s. Dragons in this game is Flying dragons v.s. Perched dragons I believe, if we excludes Dragons racing


Not a bad idea. Just I don’t feel it fits the theme of the game.


That’s what Atlas is, maybe this can serve a similar function

Awesome!! I can’t wait for the lag to run up into hours, the absolute glitchfest, the new special rss Professional Greed will come up with and what you’re for sure never have enough of, the hate, rants and bullying in LC that this event most likely will result in and the endless complaining about everything involved in this on the forum… “sarcasm mode off” Let’s not

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Holup - dragon racing?