Suggestion: Dragon XP and evolve stones more easily viewable



Normally we go into the training menu on a dragon and can see what their current XP is alongside how much XP is needed before their next level. But once you become capped (whether due to needing to breed certain class of dragons of capped by level/den/etc) you no longer can view this info.

It would be helpful if one could still view the XP accumulated for a dragon even if they are barred from leveling up.

For example: I spent a long time level capped and wound up accumulating millions of XP on my Kinnarus but if I had known just how much I had gained, I would have switched off to another one of my divines earlier.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be a quick and easy way to see just how many evolve stones I managed to acquire for a certain dragon. Of course it shows how many times a dragon has been evolved, but if I’ve managed to put Kinnarus to Gold but happen to have up to say Garnet stone, it would be nice to see that it is there waiting to be used at some point in the future.

Divine/Seasonal Dragons and Evolution Stone Tracking
Seasonal Stones list

Fully agree on both points here. And they have been brought up a while ago on the old forums with great enthusiasm as well.

I’d be in favor of both :+1:

I even did up a diagram for what it could possibly look like, i think @forScience has a slightly more aesthetically pleasing version though but i can’t find it for the life of me


I thought I remembered seeing something like this on the old forums.

If I were to take that image you provided, what I’d probably try and do is take the horizontal strip of stones/stars and provide even a tiny check mark under each one for as many as you’ve collected (as opposed to how it is done now where it just shows how many you’ve currently used to evolve. Wouldn’t take much screen real estate at all (and to be fair, the way the “tiers” are set up vertically is such a waste).


Found it.

I think Forsci has just done three renditions of what it could look like. Maybe an X could appear after the season over what you didn’t collect.

But i fully agree that the pop up menu doesn’t accomplish a lot


In Mech’s picture, I suppose that if you didn’t own the stone to evolve the orb slots would stay an empty sad dark grey. Or we could have pretty miniature evolution orb next to the stars instead of colorful dots… I’m curious about @forScience picture now… :grin:

@mechengg good work finding it even before I asked for it lol :+1: thanks :grin:


It shows the three different “states” that people might run into all together.

  1. Have all stones, evolved all stones
  2. Have all stones, not yet emerald evolved
  3. Missing emerald stone

Edit: Because typo and yeah, wasn’t sure what to do with the missing stone - fits in with the theme being grayed out but is much less obvious.


That grey is hard to see. I had to look closely. But great idea. Possibly a simple check mark bottom right of each circle where the stone goes will do. Just like dragon eggs.


This is much more in line with what I would imagine. Either that or something far more distinguishable in @forScience’s post where maybe instead of gray/black it’s black for “not evolved” and a red x in the circle for “not possessing”


Hope you don’t mind me doing a tiny edit. All original work is yours.


I completely agree with the op on this… these changes would be very beneficial


I prefer the empty black dot for “not owned” stone. A red disable slot like the second picture is too garish for the overall UI… Even worse, they could use… (Shudders) orange again instead of red and our eyes wouldn’t survive this time xD


I am less concerned about what the eventual method is whether it’s a graphical X or some other symbol or change in color so long as it makes it easily distinguishable what has been claimed and not evolved vs. what has not been claimed.


I certainly agree. I’m just saying that we can get both a nice design for the stones and see clearly which ones were claimed or not :grin:


That’s a big assumption there.


I’m a dreamer :rofl:


I agree with these points, and xp should be able to be viewed easier. However, if you go to any of your current dragons ->click train -> then transfer XP you can see the excess xp of all your dragons.


No, only Expert Dragons.


What if you literally have no dragons left to train? :man_shrugging:


Needs more minimechs.


I got nothing :joy::joy: